• @flakpanzer40 Haha…yup….though technically it’s more of an achievement for OCTB considering at the time, they didn’t have any major studios supporting them, plus that series was made specifically for HK audiences, not Mainland, so the fact that it was able to still pull off such huge view counts from an audience it wasn’t even targeting speaks volumes. :-)
  • @llwy12 And i think Youku is doing the calculation, not TVB themselves. I checked again though and OCTB also reached 2 billion views, so props to OCTB again lmao
  • @flakpanzer40 Yes, 100 million within an hour is impressive, however if we take into account TVB’s (Shaw Bros’) promotion machine, it’s technically not THAT impressive. TVB’s own series in HK usually get high ratings for each first episode, since everyone will likely tune in to see what’s up, especially if TVB has been hyping the series (the “hype” for Flying Tigers had been going on even before the series finished filming), but then ratings usually fizzle as the series drags on…..the true test is whether the ratings (in this case, the high view counts) are sustained and continue through to the end of the series. P.S. OCTB FTW x 3 (I feel like putting a hashtag in front of this now, lol )
  • @llwy12 I agree that 100 million isn't a lot based on the Chinese population, but didn't the article mention that it reached 100 million views within an hour of release? I think that's pretty incredible... I do agree the drama is kinda disappointing, so I am not defending anything about it. OCTB 2017 FTW x 2
  • As much as I agree that his mandarin is not so great, I do not think that Tony should be criticized for that. Honestly, all that matters is if he tried. When KPOP stars visit Hong Kong, they too try to speak Cantonese, but obviously it doesn't sound perfect. You wouldn't expect JPOP stars visiting China to speak perfect Mandarin or Chinese actors visiting HK to speak perfect Cantonese, right?
  • @msxie0714 that is sortoff true, but i m commenting on the entire Chinese entertainment industry and not just HK's nor Taiwan's As you see, many poorly rated movies are earning a lot of money in the box office, in China, which is also the same case in dramas. Even low-earning movies still manage to earn more than their respective budgets. This means that producers won't need to be encouraged to make good movies because they'll earn money nonetheless , as long as they use famous actors. This is what I call dragging the industry down, and it is already showing its decline. These people are also trying to bring HK actors into China , giving them high pay regardless of their performances . this is also killing the industry because they do not have to care about quality, whereas in HK they had to act well if they wanted promotions. This cycle again is killing the industry.
  • @tomtom Um what does me criticizing an overrated actress have to do with occupy? And how does that make me a person from HK? Sure she makes a lot of money, but looking at her work it's honestly not "that great". There are many better actresses with better works who do not earn as much. All that money was put in by the government, who decided to "sponsor" and "fund" the entertainment industry. The problem is, quality is ignored, which is why I said those mainland actors are dragging it down, because many of them earn a lot of money without doing much or caring about quality of their works. Chinese movies in the 2000s were even better than this decade's.
  • And? her movies and dramas suck big time. She, along with all those mainland actors, are dragging the Chinese entertainment industry down, including HK's.
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