• @birdy2415 I just really want to see Ruco and Elaine together for some reason like I ship them and it always has to go wrong for them in all the dramas they were together in
  • I honestly want to see Ruco and Elaine paired up, I've always wanted them to be a serious couple or something in a drama because I've seen so many dramas where they are always like either Ruco playing her or they just aren't romantically involved. But when I was little the first drama I saw with Ruco Chan in it was.. lol forgot the name but I know he was somewhat romantically involved with Elaine and I just shipped it since then and now I really wanna see them togetherl in a drama where they both like each other for real! I just saw the new drama Ruco was in "Succession War" and again he and Elaine don't have a good romantic relationship again this time its just a one way love from Elaine UGHHHHH
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