• @myozzie sometimes, I wonder if its his Bazi that has him choosing these types of girls. LOL.
  • Come on Ben, there's Natalie Tong and Nancy Wu. But then again, Ben always seems to have bad timing with those two in terms of chances of a relationship. Oh well.
  • Trust me, they are really a cute and compatible couple! Wishing them the best :)
  • Looking forward to this. Saw the first episode. I'll admit I was hesitant at first but I can't wait for me.
  • @jjwong My thoughts exactly. She's a "beard". For those that are "so" concerned that he needs an ironclad prenup, do not worry. He has that set in stone. Inner circle knows Aaron does not care about her past and is using it to his advantage for prenup. She is money driven and her rise to fame started from the matchmaking show to get herself in the industry (many forget about because she does not look like how she is now); she doesn't believe in love. As long as she is financially secure with a great lifestyle, she is happy. Leave her alone. Aaron knows this and this was the main reason why it didn't work out with Lynn because she genuinely wanted love and a "real" family not a "beard" life.
  • The inner-circle knows that Nanco was a PR stunt to keep up with FWFW (and its sequel) so that's nothing new. Nancy shouldn't have done it, knowing Ruco wouldn't be able to continue on the PR stint for that long. Personally, I feel that Nancy and Benjamin would be able use this valuable time to reconnect. The two had one of those "timing wasn't right" as they were in respective relations (prior Ruco times) and when the show started, it felt like another push back into their potential relationship (ugh!). Their love life is like Kanye and Kim timing. Hopefully, Benjamin and Nancy can finally enter this relationship since they are both single. Rooting for you two! :)
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    Dear Heaven, open his eyes to her gold digging 9 tail fox. He needs to date “real” woman and not Moka et al. models.

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