• How about all asians gather together and stop purchasing unnecessary items such as these over price luxury fashions. Luxurious fashion brand's westerners mostly discriminate asians and its asians that buys their stuff and keeps them in business the most. LV from france is very popular and alot of ppl think by using it they are more upscale. Absurd, france crime rate is extremely high and most people are poor and rude there. Wearing high fashion dont make one more upscale, just more materalistic. Upscale is having a kind heart, willing to help others and open minded, etc.
  • @llwy12 How about If not leaving cash but renting a decent 2 bedroom and a hiring maid? Just taking care of basic life's necessitys would not that be good?
  • If not leaving cash but renting a decent 2 bedroom and a hiring maid. Just taking care of basic life's necessitys would be good.
  • @goodday Yes, that would’ve been easy, but it’s also up to Yammie whether she wanted the help or not. Mentally stable or not, she was an adult capable of making her own decisions (most of her neighbors and friends have said that as long as Yammie took her medication, she was fine in terms of being able to take care of herself). From a lot of what I’ve read, some of her friends did try to help her, but she kept pushing them away repeatedly. A few tried to help her financially (i.e. Andy Lau and Margie Tsang) but according to the reports, Yammie took the money they gave her and gambled it all away instead of using it for her living expenses – despite that though, many continued to financially support her (or tried to anyway), but she eventually pushed them all away. Just to put things in perspective – I have a friend with the same mental condition and it’s actually really hard to help them if they don’t want the help. When he takes his medication, my friend is usually fine and can function like normal, but when he doesn’t take his medication, all hell breaks loose. One time, during one of his episodes, he threw all of the furniture out of his house – his mom happened to be visiting so she tried to talk to him but instead of listening, he called the cops on her and tried to get her arrested for trespassing (even though the house he was living in was hers – she bought the house for him and the lease is in her name). Another time, both his parents didn’t want him living alone anymore so they had him move in with them so they could take care of him – he was fine for a few days, but then he stopped taking his medication again and when his mom tried to get him to take his medication, he hit her…the dad tried to intervene but wasn’t successful and they ended up having to call the police, who told them that there was nothing that could be done because he’s an adult and they can’t force him to take his medication if he doesn’t want to. Now I’m not saying that Yammie would act the same way as my friend – what I’m trying to say is that it’s unfair for us to sit here and try to condemn her friends for “not helping her” when we don’t know all the circumstances….maybe her friends did try to help her but she didn’t want the help, in which case we can’t blame the friends for not continuing to try to help her. Also, some of the help may not have been financial – like for instance, I believe it was Meg Lam or one of her other friends who started taking her to church and in her case, that actually helped her more than giving her money or providing for her financially did...
  • @hetieshou Hi, would you or anyone know how come her friends with the financial ability dont rent her a bigger apartment to live? How come they let her live in a public small unit? With her condition, if they really cared should have hired a full time housekeeper to cook, clean, take care of her daily needs and keep her company. I'm just confused why wasn't that done. Hong kong cost the lowest to hire helper. Around hkd 30k monthly can maintain this that includes a 2 room apartment. I'm sure that's a minimum fee for her rich friends. If anyone can let me know it's highly appreciated bc I haven't been following her news.
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