• Not sure why people "praise" her legs, cause it looks like she's all "bones". I guess people have different standards everywhere.
  • @mihk1994 Are you posting this to rile people up? So what if she slept with strangers?? She can sleep with as many people she wants as long as it's consensual. Who are any of us to judge her or anyone else for that matter?? Bottom line: rape is rape. Doesn't matter if you're the freaking virgin Mary or slept your way through town. "Learn her lesson"?? So you think being raped is an educational tool?? If you were run over by a car crossing the street illegally and became crippled, can I say that "you've learnt your lesson"? Her profession should not dictate how she should be treated nor does it imply what type of person she is. Just because she's been on a cat3 film doesn't mean its accrptable that she's raped. If that's the case what should we say about the bevy of people who've watched her movies? Does that make them perverts? Rapists? So are all people who watch porn would be rapists?? We all have our rights to comment and beliefs but come on!! It's because of judgemental comments like yours that scare women (and men) into not reporting sex crimes.
  • I'm not sure I agree with their philosophy of listening and not scolding. Though I see the need for understanding children, a parent is a parent, and not a friend. Children need rules and boundaries. As a parent I lay down the rules. I don't always explain why they can or can't do something and honestly it's not for them to understand, sometimes "no" is just "no".
  • Geez... I'm 40 + had a child.. can't look like that anymore!!!
  • @hbee "Women need to be smarter, and not thinking that sex is the answer to getting a guy/relationship." Totally agree!
  • I looked up the transcript, not sure what the big deal is. I guess I'm just used to the Justin Bieber type of scandals. Recreational drug- I live in a country where marijuana will be legal soon so blah... BUT saying he's interested in trying is not the same as trying Saying his co-star is unattractive - his personal opinion, why is everyone so upset about it? not everyone has to agree that she's attractive Their two adults, no money exchanged, all consensual = what's the big deal? If he cheated on his girlfriend, then the only person he needs to apologize to is her. I think fans just put their idols on a pedestal and then are abhorred that they are just humans that make mistakes, albiet dumb mistakes.
  • Normally I would fee bad for the girl who's been played by the guy... BUT in this case, I'd have say (as a female), girl are you crazy? Meeting a guy in his house is instant booty call. The fact that you had sex with him, thinking that will make him your boyfriend is was even dumber. You could have said no, you could have left, but it sounds consensual. Before someone blames the guy... I don't know who this guy is, never watched his show, is he a dog? Maybe, but he's acting alot of guys at his age. Women need to be smarter, and not thinking that sex is the answer to getting a guy/relationship.
  • I purposely created an account just so I can comment on how insensitive and ignorant (to be polite) I found @devilsadvocate comments to be. I'm not religious, but would imagine and hope that all religions teach acceptance of others regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, sexual preference, physical appearance etc etc. For you to say this does not speak well for Christians. Further, I want to point out that it's not "tolerance", for homosexuals or anyone else for that matter. Tolerance merely means that we are putting up with it. Who here wants to be tolerated? No one wants to be judged or excluded. Instead, need to be accepting of others; show compassion. We need to advocate for love and acceptance. On that note, I will tolerate @devilsadvocate comment as we all have the right to free speech, even when it's "disgusting and disturbing"; I will show compassion to this person for the ignorance he/she has cloaked in religion, but I will not accept it.
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