• @hmmmm Perhaps I am too outdated. I did not expect that it is the type of life for students in university now. I know they must have some fun too when they go to university, but not just dating, sex and have all kinds of relationships. It seems that they don't have to study at all but just to enjoy those relationships. The hosts even talked about some of the intimate experience in their relationships. At least Crystal Fung did. She said she liked the smell of her boyfriend's armpit odour. It is very disgusting to me to talk about that kind of personal experience in front of the audience in Hong Kong, as well as the other hosts and guests in the program.
  • @orchid123 I believe this show's target audience is for people who are in university so I think the topics are really relevant. Yes, it's school but the reality is, every student will deal with topics such as sex/dating. The truth is, these kinds of conversations are part of the whole university of experience. I think it also makes them more relatable and brings a fresh approach and appeal to the younger generation.
  • @hmmmm Chena is not making up some "theory" Several news outlets reported it too - that it was a set up - and they were quick to note Sammi was NOT included in the JW apology, which was strange
  • @chena have heard this theory going around and im not sure if theres any evidence to support it, but the fact that Sammi was so quick to post and forgive him was a bit imo. It could be true that she's not as innocent as everyone thinks she is, but shes automatically granted the victim card here (as with KM -- but more so with her since her history of mental illness too) so I guess she can really play it out as much as she wants
  • @hmmmm trying but it is hard when in society now there are so many people that only focus on little things like the lives of celebrities. There is much more important stuff to worry about closer to everyone's life like focusing on your own family rather than a 3rd or 4th string Hong Kong actress. The sensible posters are not focused on the scandal anymore but how society has a "kick them while they are down" and/or a "me-first" mentality. People are saying that they are owed an apology from celebrities. We are owed nothing even if they are public figures as they are human and makes mistakes just like everyone of us. It is just when celebrities make mistakes, the media magnifies it beyond control. Yes, we can enjoy the entertainment news and that's why we are here but hate against her is so venomous. If people don't like her then don't focus on her. I hope TVB can play her halted shows not because they want to promote JW but rather to promote the hard work of everyone else involved.
  • @theyenman OH MY GOD. FINALLY SOME NEUTRAL STANDING!! I'm so sick of people trashing JW like crazy (we all pretty much know her career is halting for quite a bit after this) but then..what about AH? It takes two people to screw up and the amount of hate she is getting is faaar worse than he us. Plus he's had a track record of issues with SC before.. so where's his hate? I don't condone what JW and AH did at all, I think it's wrong and theres definitely consequences to the entire scandal. However, that being said, I don't think JW or her freakin FAMILY deserve the amount of hate they're getting. Death threats??? well if it was me i'd sure as hell fly away asap.
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