• Lol this ban is so ridiculous. Must be coming from those insecure and fragile masculinity men to propose such ban. Macho apperance is not equal to being manly.
  • @hotaru There’s actually more to the story that wasn’t in this article (Eastweek is not a very reputable publication in HK, even for a gossip rag, so I would take what they print with a grain of salt). Yes, Anthony was indeed “generous” because the money that he provided for William actually was stifled off by Joyce to raise her own family (the husband she married after her affair with Anthony and the kids that came out of that marriage). William actually didn’t receive much of the money outside of tuition and stuff for school (which she couldn’t “not pay” because then it would be too obvious she was taking all the money). Anthony actually found out about what Joyce was doing not long ago and that’s when he started giving the money to William directly rather than going through Joyce….as revenge, Joyce went to the media and spilled the beans on Anthony being William’s father (that’s how this whole story came to light in the first place). Anthony also found out that Joyce had abused William at multiple points in his life – basically taking out her frustration at Anthony on William. Anthony said that when Joyce found out he was giving money to William directly instead of going through her, she was so angry that she kicked William out of the house…. As I said when this news story first came out – yes, cheating is wrong no matter which way it goes, but Anthony at the very least took responsibility for his actions. He not only provides for William financially, he also maintains a relationship with him and even incorporates him into his actual family – the fact that the wife knew about the affair and not only forgave him but also welcomed William into the family says a lot. Cheating in the entertainment industry is very common and has actually been rampant since the beginning of time pretty much – it is what we would call an “open secret” about the entertainment industry that everyone knows but no one really says anything because there is no point, since nothing will ever change about this reality. Anthony is one of those rare celebrities who actually openly admitted to having an affair, siring an illegitimate child, and subsequently had done everything he possibly can and should be doing to make sure that child is properly taken care of (and not just financially either). Out of all the men who cheat in the industry (and there are and will continue to be plenty), how many do you see doing what Anthony did? I honestly can’t think of even one….
  • @hotaru I think 'generous' was to describe that is is willing to fork our decent financial support. Not all fathers are generous even if living under the same roof...
  • Im glad he took responsibility like a real man...but He was ''generous'' for taking care of them ?? Lmfao at that choice of word.
  • @myxx login in just to agreed with you.I was like 'Gavin who' he was compared to Wolverine ? Defense lawyer delulu much
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