• (spoilers warning) Last friday's episode caught me off guard. I hope Wayne's apprentice survives the accident. He deserves to live. He has a heart of gold (I could be too generous here here) and he openly admit that he doesn't mind being conned by Wayne. Just as long as he can learn to become an assassin, he is willing to give up all his fortune to Wayne. In ways, it would make sense if Parker is the Assassin Hunter. This is based on the abuse, pain and suffering inflicted by 佛爺's unlawful demands but then again, last Friday's episode revealed the Assassin Hunter, 肥仔東,unless the real boss is really Parker? Before I make anymore assumptions, I want to know what did the apprentice see on Parker's phone? How did he know to go straight to Parker's photo album? He has good instincts.
  • I admire Sammi's focus and drive to prepare for her concert. I pray she and Andy will heal together easily and effortlessly.
  • It'll take the newbs at least 10 years of experience to actually garner some recognition as an artist. I have seen the latest Ms. HK contestants and I don't think the audience are ready for them to represent TVB.
  • @ihearttvb Yup, he's just eye candy for sure. However, it is better seeing a couple of different faces than the ones mentioned. Same BY & MY over and over in all the series. Such boring faces. TVB prob needs new Mr.Ms HK? hahha Lol...
  • Ooh Mr. Eye Candy is back. Nice! I hope he will show more facial expression and body movement along with his acting. Tavia might even follow suit and make a comeback as well.
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