• In my opinion, Ali is the most deserving winner for Most Favourite Female Character for STARHUB. First of all, she’s popular. Her role as Never is quite impressing and memorable. It’s just that her role as Never is not as comprehensive and not the main female lead role. I believe Sisley is the main female lead role and Never’s character was re-written due to Ali’s rising popularity last year, please correct me if I’m wrong. So far in this year, Ali stands out compared to others; Nina and Kristal are deserving for BA in HK awards! I still root for Ali to win My Most Favourite Female Actress in HK just like how Grace did it last year. As for the most questionable for Best Actress so far was Nancy when she first won. Her performance in Ghost of Relatively is so mediocre. Liza and Linda should have won that year instead but past is past. However, she totally deserve it in the following year.
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