• @jimmyszeto gosh there you go again! Putting words in my mouth. My comeback phrase was just a question to you, not an admission that KC is eye candy. I think you either easily misconstrue what others say or maybe just like to twist words around. Whatever it is, i will get off this endless merry-go-round and tell you once and for all that my choice merely reflects my preference and nothing else. Just like if i had 2 dramas of Kevin and Ruco side by side i would choose Ruco over kevin, not that i disrespect kevin in any way. This whole to-ing and fro-ing would not have happened if you had not taken the confrontational approach in the first place and dismissed EVERY one of my post as coming from a deluded fangirl. That was very offensive. I will be the better person and forgive you. I don't see any need to justify any of what i said to you. Enjoy yr trip and make sure to send my regards to kevin, ruco and while you're at it, to Gallen too.
  • @jimmyszeto hmmmm, we seem to be going around in circles with you repeating the same comments and accusation that you used previously. "If it is not about acting and based on looks then you have a point and it’s your preference then I have nothing to say against it." Get real jimmy. Whether my preference is based on acting or looks is still MY preference and my choice.. Are you that bull-headed that you can't see the point ie. individual freedom to choose (whether based on looks or acting)? "I admit I like Gallen’s acting over Kevin’s based on about 10 series I’ve seen from Kevin and over 20 years of Gallen series. I don’t go around saying ‘I prefer Gallen over Kevin any day’ because at the end of the day both actors are decent." Just becos you don't doesn't mean others can't. Again, individual freedom of speech. "Bringing in friends,family and long distance relatives to protect your idol and justify your views against an experienced reviewer is really pathetic" I think you forgot that Fist was voted best drama in all 3 regions. Surely i don't have that many "friends, family and long distance relatives" lmao. Ok let me guess, next argument from you will be that the results are rigged and that the majority of people here don't like it. To that I say that majority here doesn't represent the majority of the viewing public out there. In any case i didn't say that the reviewer was wrong. "at the end of the day both actors are decent." again hmmm.........didn't you previously unceremoniously dismiss Kevin as eye candy? Anyways, i agree with you that both are decent actors. Im not a fan of Gallen but i've watched some of his dramas and i really have nothing against him.
  • @funnlim I like this drama too (note to someone out there: no it's not becos of the (to you) "eye candy"). Cal's life started to unravel after she took that first $400k and from there she dug a bigger and bigger hole for herself, covering up one lie with another. The early episodes don't seem like much but I liked that episode (was it ep 8?) where Oscar committed suicide, almost couldn't breath from all that suspense.
  • @jimmyszeto "In a few sentences of incredible childish, immaturity you scream ‘ I have shown the series to people who don’t watch TVB and they loved the series and Ruco’s performance’. A couple of lazy, stubborn comments from dismisses someone’s effort in writing a long in-depth review." Let me refute this accusation. I did say that many people liked Fist including those who are non Ruco fans. We had a very in depth "discussion" prior to this review where we had stated each other's arguments for and against . For that reason, since there was already so much debate that went on prior to this review, i saw no need to repeat my stand and readers who had been following our "discussion" would be spared from reading the same old arguments. "People might mistaken after reading this sort of bullish statement that Gallen has done an Edison or just had some horrible performances." That is another lame attempt from you to try to justify your rudeness. People are more informed than you think and they don't jump to conclusions like you do. Please give readers here more credit. They're not dumb as you think and can be lead by the nose or have their opinions swayed by a mere statement of someone's preference. Get it in yr head that you're not the only smart person out here so there's really no need to police the comments in JS. Likewise, i have no issue with people disagreeing with my preference or opinion as long as they're not downright rude like you. Worse, you try to control what I say, how I say it, accused me of lots of things and basically made a mountain out of a molehill by my simple statement of preference. Just becos i prefer someone over the other doesn't mean that the other is bad. You can also state your preference and i promise that I won't accuse you of being rude or disrespectful to the other person or say that every time you post you sound like a deluded fanboy.
  • @jimmyszeto Hey fanboy of Gallen, why don't you just lay it off? You're really beginning to sound very unreasonable, telling me what i can or can't say or how i should say it. My preference and how i word it is still my choice and none of your business. I wouldn't have been offended if you had said something like " Oh wow, kevin over Gallen? Interesting choice. Why is that so?". It would have opened up room for a mature discussion (which i think i'm asking too much from you) rather than saying "EVERY TIME you post you sound like a deluded fangirl". That was really downright rude and disrespectful and uncalled for. Anyways as i had expected, you're just not man enough to apologise for your rudeness and are now desperately trying to put words in my mouth, read my mind and finally denying me the right to state my preference. You live in the West where they respect individual freedom and rights (more so than parts of Asia) don't you? Go ahead, give Kevin a go. You'll be surprised, you may just like him in DN. If you think Pal sin did a good job in BH, you'll find Kevin Oscar-worthy in DN, I'll put my head on the block for that. Give me Kevin any day over Pal Sin. Ooooooooppppsie, here i go again. I'm offending pal sin (and jimmy szeto), oh my lordy.
  • @jimmyszeto now you're a really funny guy. Why can't i state my preference or opinion? Does stating my preference or opinion mean that I'm disrespecting the other? What about you who unceremoniously dismissed kevin as eye candy? That's an insult to Kevin and all his fans. Btw some eye candy can act, just saying. Don't be a bully jimmy. If you disagree, learn to do so nicely without resorting to name calling or insults. That isn't necessary unless you're so insecure you think that trying to make yourself seem smarter makes you feel great.
  • @jimmyszeto you not only fail comprehension but your maths too. They don't add up. What are you? Shrink? Psychologist? Detective? Or just an overly suspicious person? My main purpose in my statement abt BH was to emphasise how bad it was, that's all, no sinister deeper implication intended. Why would i want ruco in another (bad) drama similar to BH? I just pray he wont be in another stinker like that. You not only put words in my mouth, you try to read my mind too lol. Kevin may be eye candy to you but he isn't to me. I like him in his latest drama cos he delivers in his role. Perhaps you haven't watched it or you gave up after a few episodes. In any case my choice of kevin over Gallen, be it an opinion or a preference, lies with me so it really makes no difference. Im not contradicting myself. Don't try to twist the issue. You were downright rude in the first place. An apology would be in order but i don't think you're man enough to do that.
  • @jjwong hmm i think you missed the part where someone called me a deluded fangirl. Anyways i agree with you that we should have a more mature discussion without resorting to name calling or hurting feelings. Unfortunately a lot of commenters here seem incapable of disagreeing amicably. Perhaps they're trying to make up for the insecurities in their daily lives by trying to act like they're smarter than you or perhaps they're just cyber bullies. P.s for some reason i can't post under my old ac.
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