• Looking forward to see Dicky in a Cantonese drama again. Truly miss him on screen. I hope he will sing the the theme song for the drama too. I wonder if it'll be a comedy. More importantly I want to know who he will be acting with in TVB. I really hope it is won't be the likes of Eliza Sam or Rosina Lam.
  • @tess Yes, I second Gigi Lai. She looks absolutely stunning for her age!
  • But I think out of all the people they mentioned in the article, Christy Chung probably aged and looks best for her age. She looks even better than Joey Meng who is younger than her. Joey may look youthful but I think it's actually all the makeup she wears. When I see her without makeup, she actually looks her age but she just has really nice skin and a slim body which makes her appear much more youthful. But without makeup, she looks her age. I do think she she did really well in keeping her body to look so slim and fit throughout the years though.
  • I agree that saying they barely aged in an overstatement. Some of them just age really well and still look good for their age. I think Kristy Yeung deserves to be on the list too. She's in her 40's and still looks like she's only in her 20's. And I really don't think Michelle Yim is aging that well. She looks old! That picture of her is highly photoshopped. In dramas, she looks at least 50 if not 60 already. She looks her age. Plus her skinny figure adds more to her age as well as her skin is more wrinkly due to the fact that she's so skinny. You can definitely tell she's over 50. I wouldn't put Michelle Yim on this list.
  • @anomaly Exactly my thoughts when I read the article. Only goes to prove that he only likes her for her "hot body" I find it even more funny how she described their love as "love at first sight" Um....that kind of love isn't going to last long. He's probably going to get over her when he finds someone who is hotter than her. I personally wouldn't date a guy like that who is attracted to me only based on my body and looks.
  • @funnlim Well, when people are under stress and working crazy long hours, they do get slimmer and lose a lot of weight. I know people who have lost weight due to being overly stressed out all the time. It's probably harder for her since she's already like stick thin and she probably can't handle all the stress and long work hours and have fallen ill. She just has a weak body to begin with I guess.
  • @funnlim He probably didn't invite her because she died in the original series. Plus her role wasn't meant to be big to begin with, so therefore there isn't much to her storyline. Although Kong Wah also died in the original series too but his role was much bigger than Michelle's.
  • @coralie I agree! Dicky is an amazing singer and his songs are so meaningful. I also really like his song "I just want to be healthy" where he talks about being ill and not being able to take care of his partner and making her worry and how he wishes to recover and be healthy and live together with her forever and ever. To me he is both a talented singer and actor!
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