• It’s such a bummer though. I love this much more than c9. Couldn’t even bring myself to watch over 2 eps for c9 lol
  • Was really excited for a sequel after LW1, then LW2 halved the expectation and now LW3 without Charmaine, but instead Sisley and Priscilla as female lead, I think this drama is over. Honestly LW1 is the best. Raymond and Charmaine’s acting really hit the point.
  • Honestly, I feel that TVB really suck at treasuring talents. Ali is good in acting and they decide to cut her off completely? On the other hand, they kept giving chance to Jacqueline -.- it’s ridiculous. Looking at the cast of 7 princesses, I don’t even think it’s strong enough at all lol and BWD 2 without her? It’s gonna be another disappointment.
  • Love Bobby’s acting! Too bad he doesn’t act much now. TVB suck at retaining talents ):
  • Plot looks promising and I like Joel’s acting actually. However, with Shaun being the main lead... I’ve my doubts on that. So far, none of the shows he acted had proved that he is good in acting lol but yet, he have all the main roles...
  • I used to ship him and Tavia too!! Really good chemistry between them! Too bad she’s married to Him now, so hopefully Kenneth finds a girl for himself soon!
  • This is the MOST disappointing installment seriously. Initially the cases are rather interesting and honestly, I love the relationship and chemistry between GoOn and Monique but I knew they wouldn’t end up together since well, the other love interest is TVB actress while Monique is not. They’ll definitely give more airtime to the TVB actress, but really? The ending is just ??? Roxanne character just ended up with him weirdly and Monique appear just like that again to ask them to be together even? Doesn’t make any sense. King & Queen pairing don’t match at all as well and the only pairing that’s passable will probably be Stan and Selena character. The cases got boring as the show went on and I lost interest totally. Definitely sure that if it wasn’t for COVID, the ratings won’t be high. They don’t deserve such high ratings to be honest. PS: This made me rewatch the previous installments though. Miss Bobby, Yoyo, Frankie, Kevin, Charmaine etc. ):
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