• @jayne Yes, it is. Louis is such a generous, thoughtful and decent man. Whoever is his significant other is so lucky and blessed!
  • @jayne Did you know face masks do not really help or do much? They are more a psychological security blanket as you can get infected through the masks and in your eyes. Masks are good for people who are sick so they do not give it to other people. They also prevent you from touching your face if you got the virus on your hands. But other than that, they do not do much more.
  • @jayne Same...it’s worrisome for sure. Hoping this whole thing ends sooner rather than later.... Yea...I’ve been reading up on all that too. I read that the best thing to do is throw out the packaging as soon as possible and sanitize your hands right after. Steel/metal is the worst, as the virus can live on that for days. One thing I’ve been reminding people of is gas stations...the recommendation is to wrap a tissue around the pump handle when you pick it up and also before you get in your car, sanitize your hands thoroughly. I think they did a study somewhere and found that people were getting the virus from gas station pump because of the steel and also so many different people touch it (and of course gas station doesn’t sanitize that). Stay safe, everyone!
  • @m0m0 Hong Kong has one of the lowest rates of infection, with 154 active cases. Like China, most of the new cases reported in HK are from people returning from Europe, US, or overseas. There is a "bigger" jump in recent days (in the double digits) which is closely watched by health authorities because they are afraid that a second wave of infections may start. HK schools remain closed until at least April 20. We see artistes make a few more public appearances but overall, people are still very cautious, wearing face masks in public, and staying home as much as possible. This website is useful in tracking worldwide coronavirus cases and is updated throughout the day: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  • @jimmyszeto that may change with the developing coronavirus situation. In New York area, more Americans are starting to wear face masks and gloves when they go out to grocery shop. It just makes sense with how contagious the virus is.
  • @llwy12 Many people have lost their jobs because their income requires their physical presence to do the work. I'm very worried about the economy and with businesses shuttering for weeks, and possibly months if it takes that long to fight the virus, what it means for millions who will be without work. I'm glad to hear that you and your friends are helping each other by buying things for each other. I started sanitizing the food packages I bought since I read that the virus can remain on plastic for hours. Not all staff at the local Trader Joe's wear gloves. I don't know why people are still taking chances at this time.
  • @jimmyszeto19 Yes, you're right. Made the correction.
  • @jayne Tried both of those and no luck. We’re doing something similar with our friends and neighbors — alerting each other of when things get restocked or sometimes just buying it for each other and leaving the stuff at their doors. It’s crazy...though with that said, I’m just grateful that I work in one of the essential industries so at least I still have a job...seeing friends and relatives around me lose their livelihoods has been heartbreaking...
  • @jayne It is and he has such a kind heart. His parents are lucky to have such a good son.
  • @llwy12 If you don't need the hygiene products right away, you can order them from Amazon. Some items are on back order. Also Costco will deliver your orders in 2 to 3 days if you order online. Of course, regional warehouses' stock may differ though. In our area, people have been buying up meat quickly and there were no meat deliveries from suppliers for 2 to 3 days. We set up a local Wechat group and people have been sending out alerts when meat or certain items are back in stock to help make it easier for neighbors as to when to go shopping.
  • @m0m0 I think Zoie is most likely pregnant. Maybe she will "confirm" the news later into her pregnancy.
  • It's always heartwarming to hear about Louis' generous acts.
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    California Issues Stay at Home Order

    Reading #coronavirus news headlines has become my daily habit right before I sleep. Not a very healthy habit as it usually means I won’t get an early night’s sleep, but I also have the urge to find out the latest information. California’s governor has ordered the state to stay at home (although without any…[Read more]

  • @hetieshou During this time, many wish for better leadership in the United States. :(
  • @jayne I agree and Trump is a bad and racist person. I hope he does not get re elected. He is bringing America down. Asians are already suffering from attacks and racist remarks from regular citizens but now the president does this too. I feel so upset. There are already enough problems with this virus so we do not need more.
  • @jayne He is causing lots of problems for Asians. Even in my Country, my son gets comments thrown at him. He just walks away. His comments will just create more problems for us.
  • @hohliu He is adding to the racial divide in the country. I'm very angry by his comment, as it will only stir up more blame and anger towards Asians. There's an online petition on change.org created by Asian-Americans (with nearly 75,000 signatures to-date) asking him to apologize for his comment, but doubt he will.
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    Share Your Own Stories

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    New Yorkers Anxious Over Proposed “Sheltering”

    Life is changing for everyone as more countries shut down borders, and ask people to social distance and stay separate from each other to fight the #coronavirus. After San Francisco implemented “sheltering” (where people are asked to stay inside except for essential activities), New York City is…[Read more]

  • @luye umm...I guess that would work too if really out of toilet paper.
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