• i don't wish for a sequel. i just hoped that this first and original drama series was much better. i liked kay in this drama, her crying scenes made me cry too! which is not something that happens often for me. i think she's really good(with a lot of potential too, because come on people, she's no tab being or myolie wu, haha) and id like to see more of her even though she's on a hiatus.
  • her face and beauty is considered to be more exotic than most hk woman, so i feel that was what contributed to her winning the pageant. but to be honest, her acting is just not up to par. i did not think she should have gotten a lead actress role with only two other supporting (if even that) roles. but the subject at hand is her scenes in blue vein and she honestly didnt do much with her role. there were so many layers of her character and it had the potential to be great because she had so many scenes. this one scene of her being a vampire was entirely contributed to a digitally altered voice. i think she has potential ( a really long way to go) but she needs to take some acting lessons. her fame came from dating kevin cheng whose a respectable veteran actor which created so much drama and infamous news. i would have rathered the other two women who also had supporting roles, either one of them, to have taken this role instead. this one scene in a drama (a drama in which kay tse stole the show anyways) does not give her any credit (nor does she deserve any) to win any awards at all. with her winning the most improved award last year from two dramas, was a slap in the face to rosina lam. and depicts the obvious non stop promotion from tvb which unfair and biased.
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