• I love this couple so much :)
  • @jellybean3 I definitely wouldn’t —and it’s not just because of the infidelity...looking at how this whole thing played out and the way each person handled the aftermath, the conclusion that I’ve come to is that Jacqueline is an incredibly selfish person and definitely not family oriented. Some people were complaining that it’s unfair for Jacqueline’s family to be receiving so much hatred when they had nothing to do with this. While that’s true – and yes, an artist’s family members, especially those not in the entertainment industry, should always be off-limits – unfortunately that’s not the reality of what happens when scandals like this occur. There is bound to be collateral damage with families and any artist, no matter how long they’ve been in the industry, will know that (all the more reason to think twice before they do anything stupid that might impact their families). The artists who care about their families will try their hardest when these scandals break to protect their families first and foremost. With the way they handled their responses to this situation, notice that’s exactly what Andy, Sammi, and Kenneth did -- both Sammi and Kenneth even included a strongly worded plea in their statements specifically asking the media to leave their families alone while Andy left his social media on so that everyone who was mad at him for his role in this could go harass him directly (which in a way, protected his family from receiving hate because people can just take it out on him). What did Jacqueline do? Well, as soon as the scandal broke, she disabled the comment feature on her social media and then went right into hiding – so basically she went the coward route. You don’t have to be in the industry to know that in this day and age, when scandals like this erupt, the first response from the masses is to go to the artist’s social media account and harass them (regardless of what we think whether this is right or not, the reality is that it’s what happens)…by shutting off the comments feature, Jacqueline probably thought that would prevent people from harassing her but of course, they are going to do it anyway and if they can’t get to her, then they are going to go after the next best thing, which is her family and/or anyone associated with her….instead of shutting off the comments, she should’ve just let people post what they want and if she can’t handle the harassment, then just don’t read the comments. Then when she finally does release a statement, notice that it was merely a fluff piece where she says how sorry and ashamed she is – in fact, her “response” was the only 1 out of the 4 that didn’t include a plea to leave her family / friends / loved ones / those not involved alone. So whereas the other 3 artists (yes, even Andy) were obviously thinking about how this scandal would affect their families and trying to protect them as much as possible, Jacqueline came across as only thinking about herself and her own feelings. Now, I’m not saying that harassing her family members is right because it’s definitely not under any circumstance, but it’s sad that Jacqueline gets herself into this mess and doesn’t even have the decency to protect her family….but then again, if she was thinking about her family, she probably wouldn’t have done what she did in the first place….
  • Sammi took back Andy. But I hope and don’t think Kenneth with take J back. He is a filial son and knowing how chinese mothers are, his mom would not allow such woman to be her daughter in law... I mean, I wouldn’t. Would you?
  • @emiliachan exactly... coffee wasn’t as popular so it was no sweat off tvb back to fire her. Jacqueline is different somehow I guess. Letting her take a break to let her heal her emotions...
  • @jellybean3 yeah, i hate to say it too but seeing tvb didn't fire her immediately was already a hint that they wanted help her. back then, when coffee's scandal was revealed, she was fired the next day. what angers me most is jacqueline doesn't even have the courage to come out and apologise to people. i saw her instagram and it sounded so plain and not genuine, plus she kept her ig comments closed, another act of running away from the problem. i understand criticism and yelling is not pleasant, but all it's doing is making more people hate her.
  • @jellybean3 How willing do you think executives would be to protect a cheating sk**k at the cost of her own reputation. Im placing my bets she wont.
  • Unfortunately I don’t think tvb will drop Jacqueline. Clearly, she is Virginia loks pet and they adore her very much at tvb for some reason. Her sister is also a well known host and i mean... kinda gotta give some face I would think? She has a large circle of fans and celebrity friends who will probably say good words on her behalf too. They say she needs to take a break or whatever just so they can do some damage control and fix her up in a nice new package for her comeback. It is a shame that tvb will protect these kind of people and not the veterans that have been loyal for so many years. I’d expected better from her but I cannot say I am shocked. Never bought her image as a sweet girl. She seems like she will do anything to get more famous and popular. I have been a huge fan of watching Miss HK since the 90s and have always viewed them as poised and elegant women who will make Hong Kong proud. Therefore, seeing her cursing in the taxi and behaving infinitely with a married man (and she had a bf too) makes her nothing but a cheap person. Definitely not miss Hong Kong material. But she fooled so many of her fans that she is a sweet and innocent and charming person. But again, pretty sure we will keep seeing her in tvb sooner or later. Wishing sammi and Kenneth the best...
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