• @jenjen I don't know, it's hard to tell but the presence of the birthmark that matches Yang Mi's is a pretty good confirmation that it *is* her. Actually Yang Mi's legs are reasonably toned as she does work out a lot (long and skinny but certainly not all "stick" like most people assume). It's just that we usually see pictures of her dressed up in high heels or photoshopped pictures, from a front-facing angle where she is standing straight, which accentuates her already long legs making them look stick-like. These are candid, un-photoshopped pictures with her wearing very flat shoes, taken from the back while the legs are angled so they look "thicker". There have been other candid photos of her with her legs looking not quite as stick-thin as her professionally released edited photos. Example here where you can see the muscle in her legs: https://07imgmini.eastday.com/mobile/20190717/20190717160441_f7f1055c422f4b686ee8cc74ca336973_1.jpeg
  • @jenjen i cant believe that i have to agree with you on this. Those legs in the photo seem to have some muscles while Yangmi's are all stick
  • Is it only me those legs don’t look like yang mi
  • Still wondering did the manager get fired I don’t like her
  • So the girl cry ,it because of her career if not she still not learning and being in her house and other can see I thought she doesn’t want anyone attention that great acting she could cover the window
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