• Sequel ? Ok Same cast ? Can handle. Same scriptwriter ? HELL NO The characters need to have more depth!! Except Ruco's character. So whoever is writing this story better know how to tell it well !! N non of those cutesy act pls ! Its a disgrace to any woman. The producer should know better. I really hope Mui n Bowie end up together in this one. I dun mind CPT but i rather they just stayed as really close frens
  • I dont suppose there is a fanfiction for them ? With BETTER character depth ? N plot ? Might just write one to get rid of this frustration in me
  • I am well satisfied with ep 31 n ep 32 Just wished that they had really expanded on CPT love with Mui and Man Ho with Ha Sim Instead of the whole love triangle thing – the whole drama would have been OK if not for ep 28-30 I am still lamenting over it – can’t even watch the marriage between Ha Sim n Man Ho still wished Mui ended up with bowie though – i feel kind of sorry for him He had to give up on her TWICE
  • By god, this show just keeps breaking my heart. I just finished ep 29 and I am TT TT In this episode they give a hint on the relationship between Ha Sim and Man Ho. N Mui reveals that she loves CPT. FOR GOODNESS SAKE IF THATS WHAT THE PRODUCES WERE GOING TO DO WHY EVEN INTRODUCE MAN HO N MUI ?! This story had so much potential. They could have done so much with the characters. But now....... Sigh...... n I honestly I am still a Man Ho and Mui fan Despite knowing its definitely not goin to work out Cant help but wonder Is the reason she dont really trust him because his reincarnation shot her when she trusted him ?
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