• Just providing my two cents view Remember Ivy and Vincent were talking before they were kidnapped? I am thinking Ivy might be pregnant and Cathy knew about it all along that's why want to kidnap here and kill her. However, just nice Ivy was with Vincent that's why he got kidnap as well. After which,the kidnappers become greedy and out of control (as mentioned above) that's why Cathy was trying to save her husband out. Kenny knew about it all along and in order to protect Cathy, he decided to kill all the kidnappers so that no one would leak out Cathy was the mastermind.Cathy was the start of this whole kidnap thingy but she never once thought of hurting Vincent and Max. She only want to kill Ivy! Kenny was also not a good guy la cause he keep hiding the information about the whereabout of Vincent. What you all think?
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