• @judy I was hesitant at first since the last JCW drama kinda flopped. Guess I will check this out.
  • I enjoyed watching this drama, both main actor & actress are my favorites. All the cast played their part well in this show. There were happy & sad episodes which is good. At some point when it shows that his family are very good supporters of the well being of his son. Keeping a secret what they did for their son was very heartwarming & the love they shown for son. I am glad that it had a happy ending. Good chemistry for both main stars. Hope to see more of them together on future shows.
  • I haven't been to the cinema for many years. I get DVDs most of the time. For movies usually it will cost $25 to $30 . Make my own popcorns & watch or lend it to family & friends which is the norm . I am so looking forward to watch this movie from day 1 of the make.
  • My guess the boss will be Wayne.My guess the killer who is trying to kill Samantha is Wayne's student. I really enjoyed this drama. See if I guess it right or not?
  • I enjoyed watching Backstreet Rookie. The whole show is very entertaining. Family bonding is also in this show. U will cry , laugh, & also longing for a better future for most of the characters. A drama that is worth watching & deserve to be recognized.
  • I have been keeping track of this drama. So far it is very entertaining & very moving drama. Right now there is only ep. 1 to 10 to watch, I am looking forward for more episodes. I cried , laugh, angry. All the emotions were brought out while watching this drama. Excellent . I have always like both male & female leads. Hope to see more of their acting together once this drama ends.
  • I wanted to see this movie soooooooooooo bad. Just by watching the trailer makes me wanted to watch it even more. It would be good if it is highly rated. If the sequel is going to be good too, why not produce it.
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    My kids & I planned to see this movie in the theater when it was supposed to air on March 27. Hoping to get the DVD soon too. Looking forward to watch this show on the big screen & also at home too.

  • If she asked for sponsorship then she should have given the credit to the designer. She must have liked his work for her to ask for a gown. She would have to go for try outs in order for the gown to be made. What she did not like is herself. The gown is not made for her. Give it to someone else the turn out will be different like a Beauty.
  • It is good when couples do not cheat. Before I got married I told my husband that if ever he cheats , that will be the end of our marriage. I believe once a person cheats the trust is not there anymore. The fear of everytime he is not with you will be too cruel to bear. I really like her character in Wonder Women. Always looking forward to the next episode. Dump the ex & go with a new relationship. Not all relationships are bad. Just need to meet the right guy. I did.
  • @judy Yeah, agreed. I don't find Yang Mi/Hawick news entertaining anymore. Together they were an interesting couple. Apart, they're kind of boring. I honestly cannot care more about them and who they date.
  • Hawick is single so he can date whoever he finds someone to date with. Whether he is dating or not , he should be free to meet up with anyone he finds he is comfortable with. Whether he or she is loaded or not is not important.
  • I really like to see & listen to both of their singing especially when they sing together. I hope that they can be together for a long long time. In every relationships they all must go through each other, family & friends. Wish all the best to both of you. Stay strong.
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