• @peachyogurt well, according to you, Grace's response makes sense then. But it's just a movie though. I mean, a movie is just a movie, right?? it's not real. Your ouija board example is for real. I mean, those kids really try to contact those demons/dead people. However, playing in the movie is kind of acting. You are pretending, not like doing it for real. I don't know, this stuff is confusing and I'm not a Christian myself. But for whatever reason, if that's Grace's belief, why would she play in Blue Veins then??? The excuse she gave as Blue Veins is a drama and it has limited horror scenes or something like that is still very lame to me. For more or less, the drama still has stuff that she shouldn't take part in, what's the difference then???
  • @aiya thanks for your explanation. If you're right, I guess Grace just gives a bad reason why she didn't film that movie but using a lame religious excuse. I was just surprised about the reply she gave when compared about filming a movie and a drama. I didn't know much about her religious issues. Now, according to what you said, Grace seemed like she needed to learn how to talk in front of the media cause the two responses she gave was just incorrect.
  • @bubbletea haha, I must agree with you about the acting in movies and dramas part. I think acting in movies is harder to impress people compared to dramas, simply because actors don't have much time to do that. Each screen time in movies is very valuable while in dramas, actors have more room to develop their characters. Many characters in dramas aren't so likable at first but become more and more likable at the end. As for Grace in Blue Veins, I didn't like her at first, but I thought she acted well when she turned evil toward the end. I know Sisley first in the movie, not through TVB dramas. I liked her in the movie, especially in the last scene when she was crying, it was so touching. So, even a movie is only 1 to 2 hrs, a talented actor can still leave his mark. Plus, in that movie, Sisley wasn't the main lead, Nick Cheung and the ghost were. What Grace said is kind of the opposite of what it should be.
  • @1nit I don't know much about her religious excuses but I do know that Catholic/Christian people don't believe in ghosts. In other words, they don't believe in afterlife. It's just like Buddists believe in reincarnation. So I guess since her religion doesn't teach her so, it might as well just not allow her to take part in it (such as filming, etc). Catholic/Christian religion has many strict rules/beliefs, some of them make sense, some don't. What Grace said is probably just one of its strange rules, who knows.
  • @casidy I wish for the same thing. But it seems like Grace will be in it since her character hasn't died yet, lol. They probably just put her in there so she can continue the confusing love triangle just for the heck of it.
  • I would love to have a sequel only because I like to see more Kevin-Kay on screen. They're such a cute couple in the drama. What annoys me is there is too much time for Grace and her role seems like the leading female even though it is not. The love between Kevin-Kay is not very convincing to me. The love triangle seems like it never really resolved even two main leads do end up together. I feel like Kevin loves both girls sometimes. Even at the very end, Grace is still dragged into Kevin-Kay's love moment. It would be better if they make less time for Grace and more time for Kay since Kay is the main lead after all.
  • @skyking it's pretty much it. And Kevin and Kay do end up together.
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