• Many parents are estranged from their children. She's not the first one and only one. The forming years of a child are important to build a strong and loving foundation. It has clearly shown that she has failed to provide a nurturing environment so she's suffering from the consequences now. I think nobody would have reported this much had it not be Jackie Chan's illegitimate child. And this mother and daughter duo are also very attention seeking themselves. Can't lie low and stay away from the limelight and lead their own proper lives.
  • I don't understand why she is even newsworthy since shes not a celebrity. But she's every dad's nightmare. Maybe she feels shes bold to do these sort of things or she may have some exhibitionist issues. Makes her quite no class...
  • Apology or not, her career is over for sure. So makes sense for her to hide and not face up the public to receive more hatred. People will forget about her in no time, as long as she doesn't appear on TV. She's just being plain stupid to throw away her career and reputation for the sake of a man who doesn't even love her - he wormed back to his wife the moment this affair came to light. Is he even apologetic? I don't think so. How can someone who cheated the day before be so disgusted with his own actions the very next day? If he wasnt caught he prolly be continuing his cheating ways. Its also likely this is not the only woman he cheated with. I don't sympathesize Sammi. She turns a blind eye to her husband's cheating ways and forgives him too quickly citing love quotes from the bible. They prolly live very separate lives even though they are married. If not how come she was not invited to his friend's birthday party? There's also hardly any photo or reference of Andy Hui in her Instagram. Odd couple. Poor Kenneth Ma. I really hope he finds a woman who deserves him better. Might be a blessing in disguise to see the true colours of JW before marriage.
  • @kandyko b/c china won't let them broadcast in china if they don't
  • @kandyko but Fann Wong is like natural? She has always had high cheekbones
  • I thought her cheeks resemble the Singaporean Fann Wong at one point. Those were quite "in" a few years back. But it definitely looks overdone.
  • Actually they don't need to reshoot the drama. Since the scandal broke out, I am sure more viewers would be interested to see how JW looks like esp those who has not heard of her before the scandal. Who knows more pp may talk about it n may boost the ratings. Why need to waste money to reshoot?
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