• @kaylkuo @eleven I think the lack of quality time spent with his daughter and complete disregard for his health were more than sufficient to show his dedication to his job; no need to add Grace into the mix. In fact, I kind of wish they had paired him up with Sisley instead, since these two actually shared a mutual understanding for one another. Both bonded through having similar goals and were passionate about contributing to society, whereas he and Grace had little common ground, making their relationship feel very forced. The fact that they had nothing in common (aside from sharing a daughter) was probably the reason why they had zero chemistry.
  • @oystergirl I agree with @kaylkuo. He adds to Ben's character development. But it's true that she had no chemistry with Ben, making it feel boring to watch.
  • @oystergirl I wouldn't say that she was completely unnecessary. Her role served to highlight how committed Ben is to his work, to the point where he would drop his family with no hesitation whenever he is called in. Plus, with his daughter, we get to see his fatherly side, and the daughter gets involved with Philip's kid.
  • @kaylkuo Yes, the series has been excellent so far. There has been a few too many dragging relationship scenes but apart from that the acting as been brilliant. Especially Benz, Kara and Phillip Keung. Ben Yuen is also starting to bring so emotions into his character too.
  • I've been watching somewhat diligently and finished episode 8, the flashbacks and fast forwards are confusing and make the timeline a little hard to follow. However, the cast is superb and the plot is well written, so I'm not surprised it has such high ratings.
  • Finished episode 3, the storyline seems pretty interesting but nothing mind-blowing. The cast is strong so at least there's the acting to look forwards to.
  • @potatochip I was hoping they'd be a couple as well, I feel like they'd have good chemistry. It seems like it's going to be hard for the plot to match up or surpass AFWFW, and it might not do as well at the awards, but we'll have to see what Jazz Boon can do.
  • I'm sure everybody's hoping that this new series will live up to the AFWFW hype, especially with mostly the same cast. They did so well in viewership and awards, and they all deserved what they got... Ruco, Grace, Ben, Phillip were great, I didn't love Nancy but overall it was a strong cast. I'm sure the additions Elaine, Natalie, Joel will make it great.
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  • I did watch and I agree that it seemed more about loyalty than performance in 2018. I've never thought that Joe Ma was particularly great at acting, but he's been with TVB for a while and they probably felt like they owed him. I'm sure Dicky's fans are outraged. Contrary to popular opinion, I didn't love Ali Lee in "Who Wants a Baby," but I also think it would have been a little much to give it to Mandy Wong on top of the other two. I actually liked Grace Wong in "OMG, Your Honour," but I had no expectation for her to win. The most interesting part of the whole ceremony was Edwin.
  • I think what bothers people about the plot is that the expectation was a fully fleshed out story, but instead we got a kind of slice of life. I didn't like the plot too much, but it's obvious that effort went into the script, because the characters are pretty multi-dimensional. Ophelia was amazing even if it's hard to sympathize with her cold, condescending exterior. The characters are easy to relate to and understand, even if their thoughts aren't spelled out in their actions. Personally, I'd choose fully developed, relatable characters over a fully developed plot any day, but both are important.
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