• There better be a convincing reason/story for the big boss to do what he/she did, and the big boss better fits the overall flow of the story thus far or this drama is a complete waste. Kidnapping and locking someone up for 10 years is more cruel than shooting someone in the head, in my opinion. This sounds more like a psychopath and the ending should complement such behaviour. Killing him would have been more effective if the person merely wanted to get rid of Roger and/or not have anything leaked out. Let's hope the ending makes sense and does not conclude with some lame, lazy writing where many things could have been done differently.
  • Roger Kwok has definitely proved to be a great actor over the years, but how can he be nominated for his role in 'Dead Wrong' when the drama has not finished airing yet? TVB always does things so poorly and carelessly. If they want Roger or 'Dead Wrong' to be part of the award nominees then schedule/air this drama earlier. TVB, can you at least pretend to be professional and that your award shows are legitimate?
  • Regardless who the main guy is behind the kidnapping, there better be a logical explanation why he/she chose not to kill Roger instead of locking him up. Obviously the person wanted to get rid of Roger, so why not just kill him from the start? Isn't it more troublesome to hire people to watch him for x number of years? What is the reason/the point for keeping Roger alive? I'm surprised nobody is asking this question. There better be a reason or this will be a major plot hole. I hate it when writers put in a dramatic storyline at the beginning then continue with completely illogical actions that contradicts everything. So a guy miraculously escapes/returns after 10 years of being captive and yet not one news article about it? Instead, writers decide it's "logical" to put in annoying, unsympathetic characters and *itchy co-workers that don't give a damn about anyone because that makes the story better?! edit: I haven't seen the last 5 episodes so I haven't watched the latest turn of events - hopefully things are making more sense.
  • @janet72 Actually I agree, and am neutral towards Ben Yuen and 'Fist', but it seems he gained a lot of popularity after this drama.
  • @shimmerstars No idea how Jennifer Shum was a candidate for the pageant, let alone winning Miss Photogenic. I don't dislike her but I don't think she is remotely good looking. Some angles she even looks like an old auntie in her 40s. Didn't realize Ben was a Mr Hong Kong either. At least he (finally) made a name for himself after "Fist.." and didn't rely on a more popular actress to boost his name. Agreed that there is no need to tell reporters what you plan to do with your relationship. The more you talk, the more criticism you will get regardless if the intentions are sincere/good or bad.
  • @funnlim TVB always ruins a potentially good story with ridiculously annoying characters (i.e. *itchy girl in the company - who the hell talks like that in a professional environment??) and over-the-top nasty family members. Frankly, nobody is really worth watching here except Roger. Joey is not an appealing actress to me (her voice) and Kenny's wooden face is a poor choice for this particular role. Bad guy or not in this drama, he just does not draw in audiences. Unfortunately for Roger, the supporting cast and all the unlikeable characters brings down the drama more than actually supporting it. I will skimp through each chapter and watch only scenes related to the main (kidnapping) story.
  • @funnlim Completely agree with your two guesses. It's actually pretty obvious that KK was involved from what is shown via the theme song clips, and yes, there has to be more to Kenny's role than being an understanding/supportive friend and husband. What doesn't make sense thus far is, why didn't the person just kill Roger? Why hold him captive for so long and risk the chance of him escaping and getting revenge? What is the motive/reason behind keeping Roger alive? Hopefully there is a reason and not just for the sake of "it's just a movie". I don't think TVB can pull-off a Gone Girl-type of story.
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