• Too many nody beaks who thrive on speculating the worst of celebrities...go get a life!
  • He is an illiterate person whose enjoyed good fortune due to the loyal guidance he was blessed with. Yet it is a pity that he wasn’t humble nor a good role model for he has a large following! Shameful that he did not make effort to successfully educate himself! His drive was primarily to make tonnes of money, abuse the power that comes with his wealth to abuse women, over indulge in bad behaviours and self-importance. I have no respect for him as a person and I’m sure Joan Lin is still by his side because of his mega wealth that she controls. Good move Joan! You are the ultimate winner. Jackie wouldn’t dare acknowledge his love child Etta! What kind of man is he? Just a piece of wealthy dung
  • I think she is testing the waters. What an immature attitude.... she csn dish out criticisims but can’t hsndke being critisied! What a liad of crap....grow up thrn!
  • Jackie Chan probably had an agreement with the wife Joan Lin who controls their finances, that he is not to be involved in any way relating to the ex-mistress’s daughter! Lousy model of a parent! Simply irresponsible and ‘money rules’ his life!
  • @kmuk Both definitely have similar features that aren't the same as typical Chinese, but they definitely look different. Nazha's face is more round while Reba's is more of a thin-ish oval. Nazha also keeps shorter hair in real life while Reba's is long. Nazha has a very pretty doe eyed look, and I would say she could pass off as a very pretty Han-Origin Chinese girl while Reba definitely looks a bit mixed when you first see her. Here's some pics :) Reba: https://www.chinaentertainmentnews.com/2017/08/posters-of-dilraba-dilmurat-and-deng.html http://kenh14.vn/dich-le-nhiet-ba-chi-mai-trung-thanh-voi-6-thu-thuat-lam-dep-don-gian-ma-van-cu-xinh-dep-ngoi-ngoi-20180308173702043.chn Nazha: https://twitter.com/nazhapics https://www.chinaentertainmentnews.com/2017/09/guli-nazha-in-milan-for-fashion-week.html Both: http://weibo-go.blogspot.com/2018/05/why-is-nazha-doing-poorly-compared-to.html
  • I often mistake the faces of Guli snd Dilreba. Both look a like! Or is it just me who can’t differentiate these 2 beauties?
  • Dilreba is just a pretty face and acting is mediocre. Sun Li is amongst those who are good in their craft!
  • Sime are in hising to not show their support because of that idiot Eric Tsang assault case
  • Never supported Donnie primarily for his egotistic and unprofessional behaviour. Looking forward to the day when fans had enough of his little man’s self-importance. What a poor example to follow
  • Hope Ma Tian Yu finds happiness and after settling down his family in homes. Time for him to find a loyal snd devoted life partner who will cherish him and not for his fame and fortune. May his career blossom and enrich his life.
  • kmuk

    Eric Tsang is a total freak! Hate his voice and his stupid look. Love to see him punished for his indecent actions against women. Let Karma come speedily to him.

  • Never liked this freaky guy. Not sure what is his claim to fame either. Not much of a comedian and I can’t stand hus horrible voice not sure what’s so great about him or his acting skills.
  • I’ll watch any of Wallace Huo’s shows. Bring it on no matter hiw many episodes! As for Yang Mi, her acting is getting a little stereo type.
  • kmuk

    I never know what is Eric Tsang’s claim to fame 😏never liked him 🤪

  • kmuk

    I have no respect for this womaniser and who will do anything to appease his wife even denying his own flesh and blood. He is afraid of losing his fortune should his eife divorce him. I believe the wife has set an ultimatum that if he acknowledge his illegitimate daughter she will take him to the cleaners.
    He has no principles and he doesn’t u…[Read more]

  • kmuk

    Leslie Cheung is an incredibly talented artist. His legacy will live on through generations. Leslie is admired and adored by his fans who are touched by his charisma and for being a genuinely kind person. A great role model for human kind ❤️

  • His wife had better make amends and not take her long-suffering husband for granted. If she doesn’t know how to honour and love her husband after all his years of love and patience, then she doesn’t deserve Michael’s love.
  • Some people are so narrow-minded. What is there to cringe? Older woman younger man....it is the story line and all are professional artist performing their artistic craft. What don’t you (Jayne) understand.
  • kmuk

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