• @ledge I also feel both were supporting but let’s say they are “co-leads” as everyone is trying to argue they are — that still doesn’t explain why Steven Ma wasn’t nominated. If all 3 are co-leads, then all 3 should’ve been nominated. BTW, it’s being reported that supposedly, Steven Ma got snubbed because he’s hosting a program for HK Open TV (I-cable’s free TV arm which was formerly called Fantastic TV). Reporters asked him for his thoughts about being snubbed and whether he thinks it’s because of him working for a rival station and he pretty much responded that to him, the program he is hosting means more than any TVB nomination ever will. Good for him!
  • Cannot believe the snub Steven Ma has received from TVB as neither Kenneth nor Edwin were even really leads in DITROC. Anyways, rooting for Vincent Wong, deserving yet again.
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