• @lemonjade I’m with you on Chang Chen, even though I’m only at ep 7, I like him. He is not mean to be dashingly handsome, he’s god of war, not god of beauty lol. I like both leads so far, too, they acted their role well and do feel their chemistry. I also agree that 10 miles is high on my list too because mark indeed made that series. While I like YM enough, I agree that her performance in that drama is pretty flat. Atm I’m not watching L&D as I have a lot of other shows to binge and I don’t want to wait for it, and cdrama with 60eps means there will be drags lol. My current watch is hotel del Luna (excellent series so far, totally recommended) and the magicians (binge on prime lol!)
  • @lemonjade Agree with you on Yang Mi's portrayal in 10 Miles, she just a consistent laid back Bai Qian in the drama. Anger or sadness were lacking in the later part of the story. I thought she was good in the drama with Ruby Lin long time ago but her acting remained stagnant and superficial after that.
  • I personally think they are both great leads so far (I'm at episode 22 currently). Chang Chen won't be able to compare to Mark as it is two different timelines so while I adore Mark's performance in 10MOPB, Chang Chen is also slowly winning me over with the portrayal of his character thus far - yes his looks are not exactly made for ethereal drama's like this, but he brings a very aloof and rugged aspect to his character. As for Ni Ni, apart from the terrible voiceover (her real voice is huskier), I adore her micro-expressions which brings a mischievousness and sassy quality to her character that's not as garish as her on-set father (Le Bo). Unpopular opinion.. but I really did not like Yang Mi's acting in 10MOPB, she was incredibly beautiful but sometimes I couldn't feel the intense moments of her character's sorrow, grief etc, but I'm getting that so far with Ni Ni. 10MOPB is still high on my list because Mark carried it through, given that there's still plenty more episodes of L&D, I have high expectations still and expect to see more character development from both Chang Chen (breaking out of the cold shell) and NiNi (character maturity).
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