• @lia00027 Uhm, have you seen her drama? She doesn’t look like the type to even use Botox, you can see the wrinkles in certain normal area unlike a lot of the male stars who swore up and down they don’t use Botox and their crying face is that of a minted paper! To me, she’s younger than her age (because I’m terrible at guessing age lol). To my partner, she looks her age, so comments like ageless beauty should be taken with a grain of salt instead of using it to attack the fans or the celebrity :)
  • @lia00027 Cannot understand what threads you are talking about. Definitely a hater. LOL. No idea how your [email protected] looks like. Pretty? ;-)
  • Well seeing the bias nonsense comments i will say ageless beauty my as*, it looks like she had too many filler and the cin had been fixed with thread more than once hence it will need to retouch again and by the time comes the filler and the thread will make her "ageless beauty" again. Yeah before she had a babyface beauty but she couldn't defeat time none of us can now of course as a woman she has to preserve the once youth face that she had too bad it looks like she got the wrong doctor but gotta admire her spirit though.
  • Funny to see most commentors complaining about Angelababy's look instead of her talent of acting. To be honest i am glad tiffany drop out of any drama since her acting is infuriating sucks, thank goodness she had good casts before like Hawick Lau and Wallace Chung. As for Chen to suddenly drop there must be a special reason that no offical announcement announced yet so why drop the bomb to angelababy. Honestly speaking angela's acting in general and i, love you you, taichi 0, is really good while for those who don't like her it's up to u but that girl really can act just looking at her eyes to showing her emotions feel right. don't watch acting with bias hence one cannot comprehend the real talent.
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