• I'm not defending Edison, but it's better for the child to have only one parent feed them. It's usually very difficult to have children at that age to sit down quietly, not move and just focus on eating. Their attention span is terrible and are very easily distracted. When you have one parent feeding them they wouldn't be so distracted.
  • @mihk1994 Sexual predators aren't the result of our liberal attitudes with sex, its the mentality of a sick individual. I reckon individuals like yourself would blame rape victims for wearing a skirt or having a boyfriend.
  • I use to follow Shawn Yue when he first launched his brand but stopped caring the past two years. Whenever his brand has a new collection it would sell out within hours of launching and restocks would also sell out within hours. I was at one of his Pop up shops in HK and they sold out within a few hours - despite it being a 2 day pop up. CLOT is also very popular, but they very rarely sell out and are always having sales.
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