• I watched the Undoing and it was 20 seconds of horrible english (it doesn't even deserve the capital E) I am never going to get back in my life.. and 20 secs is all the time she had across all six episodes. I remember distinctively thinking I'd rather hear Angelababy in this (yes, that's how bad it was). The problem was, I just could not get over the TVB Fala factor - she really stood out in Undoing, and not in a good way. IMHO as a westerner, this is the key difference that will make or break first time Chinese crossover performers - Michelle Yeoh, Gong Li, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat etc. as good comparisons. If she has actual lines in Shang-Chi, then I don't know what anyone was thinking.
  • I wonder why no one even dares bring up Lucy Lui.. is her English not up to scratch? If so, how did she get into Julliard?
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