• @lam86 theres no partnership award for Ruco and Nancy. I don't need to hide because I do not idolize either of them, whether they win or loose. I'm only predicting the results and seems like your so sure he won't win BA? Yes 5 more days to go and we will see..
  • TVB awards has been 50 audience vote and 50 TVB. Ruco and Nancy already got the audience portion and TVB judges is on Ruco and Nacy's side as well as they tend to side with the audience besides 2013 where Dayo wins. Anthony wong got it last year because he could of made a deal with TVB to film the drama. However, we don't see the case this year because Ruco has gotten both the popularity and the acting assurance from HK. TVB awards used to be on popularity before 2006. However, I think TV is always about the popularity of a character and how well-liked the actors are. This is not HK oscars where professional judging is involved. TV actors grow with the audience and its about the artist's efforts. Im not a fan of Ruco or Nancy beause I haven't watched the drama, but seem like people are hiding in Roger's shoes. Roger could win 4th time if its professional critics and other factors taking out. However, TV awards is more then acting alone. Hard to explain, but I still want to watch the awards to see the deserving actors getting their recognition for their hard work. Hope new fa dans rise, but also hoping Tavia will come back soon to film one more drama and get award like CHamrinae who left and came back in 2014 for line walker. Even linda should get a chance. OTHer actors that deserves the award is Louisa so, sonja kwok, kenix kwok, joyce tang (close this year but fell short).
  • My predictions from past years situations and my own judgment. Best Actor: Ruco Best Actress: Nancy Male character: Benjamin Female Character: Grace Wong Supporting Actor: Raymond Cho Supporting Actress: Joyce Tang Best Drama: Fist within walls - guaranteed win OR Best Actor/male character: Ruco Best Actress/female character: Nancy Supporting Actor: Raymond Cho Supporting Actress: Grace Wong Note: if nancy wins female character as well, she will be the second person after Tavia to have won awards in all categories for a actress plus her almost guarantee win for Best actress will give her double straight win. Making history this year. This year is similar to 2011 for Kevin and Myolie in Ghetto Justice. There really isn't other choices because if we judge popularity or acting wise its Nancy and Ruco. The song and series is a sure win as well. Supporting actress should be Joyce or Grace. Its safe to think that Grace Wong will get an award this year, but it'll be sad to see Joyce not getting something so mabey its evenly split. Since Jonathan Cheung is popular and did well acting wise so it'll be a historical moment if he can win most improved and supporting actor award. No one has done that and TVB should arrange this because he's deserving for this.
  • @dandan She is the only leading actress that can lead the station right now. I agree there may be a reason why Mandy and Nancy never got to the first line in the past years. We need to realize that Nancy got pushed to first line last year and became first to grab the award for her first nomination. I just can't see how ill feel when ruco and nancy both grab the two acting awards and such. Something just don't feel right and its not them its just my preference of actors. Really it all comes down to the actor and not the script for me. Of course some do watch for the script and not the actors.
  • This is the first year Tavia will not be attending award shows. This marks the end of the era for the past 5 Fa dans. ITs hard for me to accept the fact that Nancy will probably get BA two times in a row making her tie with Charminae, Liza, and Sheren. Its just the right timing for her. Of course I'm not a Nancy fan which is why this bothers me a little bit. Its safe to say that Tavia got her time at the top so right now its fair for Nancy to have her moment because she worked hard to to get to today. However, my heart stays with Tavia and i don't think i can find any new fa dan that can replace her position. I hope Tavia will have a good comeback in the near future. However I can only hope she gets a good role when she decides to film again.
  • @diana80 I'm afraid TVB will not let Roger's series be in the race. At least the malaysia award next month has already excluded Roger's show, but still included priscilla wong for the new show that haven't aired when that list came out. Safe to say Ruco might get BA and male character. I do have to admit that the series was a smash hit this year. I live in USA but my sister is obsessed with the show.
  • @tess Do notice many people praise her acting, but ironically her music has been getting her more awards and recgonition over her movies. I like her as a singer better then an actress. Of course her music is not everyone's taste and more suitable for those that appreciate meaningful music about life rather then mainstream commerical songs.
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