• @lv3saiyan totally agree, also the media doesnt help, as Kenneth said already many people are hurt by this and he doesnt want anymore people getting hurt and asked the media to stop using their tactics to get the answer they want even if its not true. I have never seen Jacqueline's work and no real idea who is was until this happened, for a Chinese girl being bought in Canada, this is probably no really a big deal, however in Hong Kong people are still very traditional in their thoughts and find this absolutely terriable. She is very lucky to have Kenneth whether it is true love or not, if it is not she needs to be truthful to herself and let the guy go and find someone who will love him for what he is. Bit like Mose Chan and Bearnice Lui all those years ago. Stringing someone along just to get popular is just not a nice thing to do. As for Andy and Sammi, they need to reflect in private their own relationship and I am not standing up for him at all, as his bad judgement was totally wrong. But being married to someone who is totally focused on her career where it be her music or filming cannot be easy. Also she has pressures which sometimes you can see she is probably pretty hard on herself, can actually blind the fact that they are neglecting the other half. I think in their own world it was never about who was more successful, but the media like to write about it and it cannot do much for anyone, as at the end of the day we are all human. Either way, hope the media and public gives all parties involved the time to reflect on whats happened and find their true selfs to either work throught this or let the other go if they are not happy together. I do hope Andy and Sammi sort things out and go back to doing what everyday couples do and forget about work and media for a while, as 28 years of a relationship is hard to find and if Sammi is true to herself she too needs to see where her responsibility is within her relationship with Andy, as it takes two people to make a marriage.
  • @lv3saiyan Even planning something meticulously doesn't mean the other party will follow the plan. I don't think JW is inherently evil, maybe competitive, egotistic and probably lonely. Her relationship with Kenneth Ma probably bores her and doesn't give her stimulation, so she looks for it elsewhere and found it by being a groupie to Andy Hui, who is in his own relationship slump & going through mid-life crisis, flattered by a 30 year old's attention whose BF is his friend. How exciting for them both. The feeling that's lacking in both relationships is found in each other's arms. If there was no chance of getting caught and they could stay in this surreptitious state, why would they want to change anything? They're using each other for fun, excitement and an escape from the reality of their boring, complacent and neglectful relationships. I wouldn't put the blame solely on her, because Andy encouraged her behavior and actions. Neither parties are really good for long-lasting relationships and make poor partners. But I don't think they're bad or not nice people.
  • @lv3saiyan Still more than anyone else has done remember.
  • Feel sorry for the taxi driver. Law suit incoming........
  • Not a true friend then. Should have just said it out loud in the first place. Confront them.
  • This dude is good. At least he is calm about it. Guessing there isnt much he can do and just have to wait.
  • Only human. Happens to the best of us. People do stupid things but if someone is planning all this, you cant really escape if you tried. Labeling someone 'soft rice king' is also wrong all bcos the dude isnt earning more. People are just cruel. Give it a couple of months and it will be all good again. Jacqueline Wong overall isnt a nice person on the inside. You can tell.
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