• @maezine Sorry but I do not find Charmaine’s acting good. It has always been from bad to average at best...
  • @maezine I initially had the same thoughts for the beginning of Untamed but I found out their time at the training retreat happens when they are meant to be around 15/16 and then it becomes understandable why the behaviour is so juvenile. After that part he becomes notably more mature, and during the darker parts he portrays it well. Yibo is also more wooden at the beginning but softens alot as the story progresses.
  • @maezine That person has no taste. When Untamed first aired from ep1-30, if you follow the drama EVERYBODY said XZ acting sucks and he tried too hard. The only reason why they like him is bc after ep30 the bromance finally kicked in, they like him for those short silly moments only. The acting overall isn't great. XZ has great personality, that contributed to his likeableness and popularity. "unless they can act like Zanilia Zhao" is another hilarious thing, she copied YM's face and acting style, diss YM online, then married her ex bf. After so many years of acting she is not even as good as newbie WJY. Minglan is one of the worse drama ever, Dumb Mary Sue knows how to use bow and arrow, has the strength to push down men riding on horses, but she does not protect herself in the time of dangers. She waits for her hero save her coincidentally the right time more than 3-5 times. He saves her but she still believe she has more power than him to go meet the king herself...what a dumb and embarrassing girl. A famous screen writer is currently questioning her water army. They know what a good storyline is, they know what good acting is. Her acting and projects are all only mediocre. But her fans helping her online is such a misconduct. On MDL you can see somebody creating fake accounts to give her 1 like per day, this just make her unfavorable.
  • @funnlim It is laughable to say Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo or any of the cast of The Untamed is a better actor than Nie Yuan, Qin Lan and Chermaine Sheh. I stopped watching The Untamed the moment I saw the first episode, Xiao Zhan's acting is downright cringey as someone trying to be "happy go lucky but goofy but serious but have a dark past at the same time". The surrounding scene with him trying to be witty hiding the bird and the whole scene of reaction surrounding which I guess supposed to be funny, downright cringey. He couldn't even connect his acting well between one scene to another. Don't let me start on Wang Yibo, that kind of acting you put beside Nie Yuan, God embarassing. In fact the whole cast of The Untamed if put beside the cast of Yanxi Palace I would cover my face. The drama is merely a BL fangirl fantasy come true, and fangirl come in full force. If your essay is putting it against say drama like Legend of Awakening, I won't bother to reply but Story of Yanxi Palace? Dude miles apart.
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