• I have been following the story on Chinese websites. Elaine never received any money from Jack Chan. She confirmed that openly on a press conference and Jack Chan and his people never openly said that he did, so I believe it. Some people said her mother used her as a money tree and asked for money and that is totally wrong. Her mother was a character and was powerful, because she was a successful business woman. She was wealthy and she was the one who supported for Elaine and the grand daughter. Elaine's parents divorced when she was one, and her mother raised her. Being a single mother, her mother was strong and powerful and made money and provided Elaine a rich childhood. While Jack Chan had a poor childhood and is illiterate, Elaine and Jack's background were not on the same level. It is understandable when Jack said he was not going to pay her a dime, she didn't sue him for alimony just because of pride, although she was advised to. Her mother was power but also abusive toward Elaine all her life. And that was the reason she moved back from Shanghai to Hong Kong with Etta in 2011. She borrowed 5 millon HK $ from her mother to buy a property to settle down, which she said she never paid back to her mother. It was those years in Hong Kong that she had financial difficulty, because she had to provide for their living and she didn't get much work. Etta was going to an expensive private school. Her mother died late 2015 and probably left her some money and she is not saying she has difficulties now. Jack was the one who chased after Elaine, and many people confirmed that. Elaine was young and pretty at the time, and for Jack Chan, chasing after pretty girls is part of his life. I don't know if Elaine's pregnancy was a plot or accident. Elaine's story was when she told Jack she was pregnant, he changed his face so fast and was furious. I think she was hurt and wanted to keep the child as a revenge. She said she got permission from her mother so she could keep the child. Jack Chan is a self centered, uneducated moron. Moral, dignity and responsibility are things he is never taught. He donates to charity because he gets pay backs from the Chinese government. They give him all kinds of honors and political positions which he lacks in his background. Those are more important to him than his children. He acts too much that he acts in his real life. It is so sad to be born as his child.
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