• Been waiting for a good Bosco drama for ages. I was hoping for a more serious one, but I'll take anything atm. Since Bosco is great at comedy so I have no worry, but plot is quite predictable. I do love Bosco and Linda together and always hope to see them as a couple again with a happy ending. Let's hope it'll turn out good.
  • Mark Chao's character looks tragic lol. Haven't read the novel, heard its plagiarized. Still it'll be one of the hottest dramas to air this year with the cast and the controversy around it.
  • @tiffany Yeh I guess so. Just look at the fanwars on wb these past few days over the OTPs and female leads of this drama lol. I love their costumes too. LYF rocks that hairstyle. I think he looks even more handsome than his Susu days, which made the novel fans mad lol. You can get hate for being more handsome than the original character xD
  • @tiffany I think this drama would have been fine without AB/ZLY and all this nonsense. Zhu Xian is already too famous with the novel and game, that's a good chunk of novel's fans tuning in for the first few eps. Then we have LYF and TFBoys, the chick magnets. The story itself is compelling, on top of a great love story, not to mention hint of bromance everywhere, it would have no problem attracting viewers, so I still think it's dumb for them to try so hard pushing the love story like the drama depends on it just for some bad publicity in return lol.
  • @tiffany I don't get why they wanted BY to be the female lead, when she slept through 2/3 of the story. His love with XQ is just as tragic as his was with BY, when they kept struggling with their conscience while not being able to deny having feelings for one another. The production team should just get that famous chick they want for publicity starring as LXQ who has more room to play at the same time they don't offend the entire fandom of the original novel trying to change the focus on BY. But I guess they just don't care. I'll still watch for my faves while keeping a low expectation. I only hope they don't change the ending *cries*
  • No mention of Yang Zi's Lu Xue Qi in the sypnosis at all?? I feel bad for her. She's more of a female lead than Bi Yao is in the novel. Don't tell me they cut down the loveline for Xiao Fan and Xue Qi. They're my OTP! T_T Been hearing the rumor that they pushed Bi Yao to the only female lead of the drama, which is so wrong since she already went into comatose state like the first half of the story, The second half is most important as Xiao Fan descended to the dark side and it's a long journey before he found his way back and Bi Yao slept through the whole thing. How do they plan to give her more screentime? If it's because of star power as ZLY is more popular than Yang Zi, they should have just casted her as Lu Xue Qi then. She wouldn't be a good fit, but I'd rather they stay true to the novel. Xiao Fan and Xue Qi's relationship is more complex and special. Seriously, don't ruin it. T__T Aside from the unfortunate possible change in the plot, I love their styling and costumes in this drama. Li Yifeng's Guili appearance looks really awesome. And Yang Zi fits her role so well. I don't like how they styled Bi Yao though. Hopefully she'll turn out better in the drama.
  • This article is so late. Li Yifeng already joined the filming few days ago. The title is also misleading, since Zhao Liying's nowhere near "leading" this drama. Her character Bi Yao is served as a love interest and an important figure to the protagonist's arc, but she only appears like in 1/3 of the book. I guess that's how she's able to fit this drama into her super busy schedule, because her character doesn't have that much room to play. On the contrary, Andy Zhang Yi's character Lu Xue Qi is the one that appears throughout the whole book and arguably is the leading lady. However, with Zhao Liying's popularity they may change the course of the story to add more screentime for her, which I seriously hope to God will not happen. I think the book, despite its flaws, was already good the way it was written. The story revolves around Li Yifeng's character Zhang Xiao Fan before and after joining the dark side to become Gui Li - the Ghost King's right-hand man and his struggling between good and evil. Romance is so not the center of the story, but it definitely plays an important part. I love both Xiao Fan's love interests equally. Both girls are described to be out of this world beauties and strong-willed. One is free-spirited and feisty while the other is elegant and cold. Their love for Xiao Fan is immense and touching, really can't choose between them. It's one of those times when you hope he can just marry both of them ;( Looking forward to new OTPs to be formed in this drama. There is quite a bit of bromance in the book too, so let's see if they can beat the main love line lol. Li Yifeng is quite good with generating chemistry with the guys in his dramas, but I have yet to see it working well with the girls, so hopefully i can finally ship him with some girl from this drama lol.
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