• @wm2017 I don't think people dislike him. But because his post on the IG back on 2nd July asking people to registered for Voter. This angered Chinese netizen, they accuse him as Hong Kong Independence. Line Walker 3 is the co-production between TVB and Tencent China , so to please the Chinese, they have to cut him short. Poor guy and bad luck. I don't think he did anything wrong.
  • @milanista I guess that’s where my question is when it comes to Pakho — if he’s truly talented as you guys say, then why the hell would he sign with Voice Entertainment? To me, that’s a stupid move for an established singer/songwriter, especially if they have talent. If the goal was to get in TVB’s good graces and be eligible for their awards or whatnot, he could sign with EEG instead, like Hins and Hacken did (as much as I dislike EEG, at least they are widely known and recognized as a major record label in Asia — all the things that Voice Entertainment ISN’T). I’m not a fan of Pakho’s and don’t like any of his songs, but I have nothing against him as a person...I’m just looking at it purely as an outsider trying to understand the rationale in terms of why an established singer would want to put his hard-earned reputation and career on the line signing with a “small potato” record company that is basically crap...not just that, Voice Entertainment is also irrelevant in the industry, as they aren’t even recognized outside of TVB.
  • @m0m0 I recalled back to 2013-2015 Pakho won many music awards including Best Male Singer gold award at Chit Chat Awards and Best Singer-Songwriter. Since he joined Warner Music, he had composed over 40 songs which including Skylight that composed for Joey Yung. I think he is one of the few singers in Hong Kong that quite talented. Warner’s Artists absented for J.S.G awards since 2009 because loyalty problem with TVB. He only got J.S.G awards from last year after signing with the voice. I don’t know what the Voice do much for him. Because, he still worked with his team who are mostly working for Warner’s Artists.
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