• If Gillian is afraid of people calling Michael soft rice king, she doesn't have to swipe away his credit card, just stop buying him gifts then. The fact that she makes easy money compared to Michael and still has to use his money just for face is appalling. Shows she has zero sympathy. The more news I read the more I'm angered by this whole divorce of hers. Both parties are at fault but the fact that she left this guy, sucked him dry, now EEG is harrassing him with phone calls and painting him a picture is mindblowing. I agree with comments that it's bad luck this guy married her. Kinda sucks how in her late 30s and still hasn't gotten her life figured out. I hope her next checklist/validation wouldn't be to get pregnant and be a mother
  • @vlol she doesn't have bad luck at all. She is lucky to have been given chances and being backed up by EEG and her EEG friends despite her uneducated/non thought out actions with zero consequential thinking. Like I said she aggravates toward bad boys and of course with bad outcomes. That's her life. It's the life choices that she makes which leads her down this road. BUT luckily, she earns money easily compared to an average person who is educated or uneducated. I don't hate her but I do dislike her for being so lucky lol. I don't feel bad for her at all if she can't find someone, because it's really her choice to choose not to be with someone
  • @mimi it was reported that she didn’t want to call off the marriage cause Michael and her had agreed on filming a few show already. It’s all about image for Gillian and because she didn’t want to lose face, she went ahead with the marriage in hoping that she’ll fall more in love with him. Idk if it’s Gillian herself (as in it’s just the person/personality) or her bad fortune that she is always caught up in something negative. She literally changed her name several times in hoping for better luck. But she’s very lucky in a sense that’s she has so many people helping and supporting her. Any other company would had given up on Gillian but she’s very fortunate that EEG continues to support and fight her battles for her. Just like Edison when he was in EEG, Gillian is quite troublesome too, the company and the company’s artists keep having to save her from all her unnecessary drama.
  • I was very happy for Gillian to have found her Mr Right and got married. From my perspective, after the Edison scandal, it's hard to find someone decent and get married. I felt sad for her after knowing she got divorced. But the more I read the news, the more I feel this woman aggravates toward loneliness, greed, wants to prove things, and so on. She isn't really as innocent as she looks. Although she's been given a life with good looks, easy way to make money, wide base of people to support her and cover up for her, her life isn't destined or worthy of someone decent to be by her side. Even when she did, she would not allow these men in her life. She aggravates toward Edison people. Good luck with paying back karma after you played this non celebrity guy all the way to the ditch. If you she was cold feet at time of marriage, then call it off.
  • This post explains this guy takes stupid to another level. Don't forget to celebrate with a cake at housewarming
  • It's really bad on her part to be cheating with a man who's wife is about to give birth. Don't know what to do with her dramas? Don't worry Roxanne is here to save the day lol Btw those two pictures above. They look good together. Must go on a date
  • @mimi have you looked into muscles building? that might help with you. lack of nutrition really catches up w/ you regardless of age. it is not showing now but could up after years of abuse. wasn't there a teen who ate only junk food lost his eye sight. some mom was talking to me about her teen daughter eating only junk food, she is starting to develop lupus symptoms. haven't talked to her recently but her daughter was getting tested.
  • Not healthy. I'm in my 30s and when I don't eat or drink enough, i look like a dry prune :/
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