• @hetieshou @miyabi Agreed! And apparently she has a penchant for doing this stuff in public. The new report that came out where the neighbor was saying she brings different guys home a lot, the neighbor actually saw her kissing, holding hands, and “acting intimately” while riding in the elevator with one of the guys she brought home ...looks like she can’t even wait the few minutes for the elevator to get up to her place to get things going so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that she couldn’t wait out the taxi ride before getting it on with Andy...
  • @miyabi I agree and Sammi has been through way more but is so much stronger and noble about it. But JW is crying like a baby. I find that sick, sad and extremely pathetic. She is just trying to bank on the sympathy of others but sadly it is not working at all. I have zero sympathy or pity for her.
  • @miyabi Yes, exactly. And friends of hers who think they are being heroic by speaking out on her behalf and painting her as the victim are only making people hate her more. If her friends truly care about her, then reach out to her in private rather than make some stupid public statement trying to protect her because all it does is add fuel to the fire. Short of Jacqueline coming out herself and explaining things, nothing that anyone says on her behalf is going to help her at this point...
  • he sucks. i came across a really old article on here when his bro died, and he was all, "sammi really supported me, i felt like our love is everlasting" and i just LMAOed out loud. EVERLASTING
  • she's donezo. just go back to canada and do something else.
  • i think it is going to be hard to salvage the relationship. i cant see his family accepting her so easily. she can forget about marriage lmao. just be a side chick 4 lyfe
  • She should stop this crap. The taxi tryst is obviously not a one-time thing. It has been going on for a while. "Emotionally unstable" my a55. She didn't consider the emotions of other people she had hurt, and now she's expecting people to consider her feelings????? Just because she's "crying all day" and "emotionally unstable" ?????? Lmao. Please, Sammi had battled tougher crap at her age. Sammi has more reason to be hurt and to cry. But she's strongly pushing forward. I have zero sympathies for Jacqueline and the more I hear about her "break down" the colder my heart becomes. Just stop this manipulative crap already.
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