• @contae i think most of them understand he's trying to say the virus came from china. and they are more likely to worry more about the economy health job than having their feelings hurt. her post on this pandemic is what someone said is racist. no post on how to stay safe, wash your hands, wear face mask. nothing helpful.
  • @mofo well, credentials aside, i don't think her english is exactly on par to break into hollywood. she speaks english but not exactly the natural type.
  • @mofo So if you think Jacqueline going to a cheap class will give her opportunities then any man and his dog can make it into Hollywood. Myolie Wu and Edwin Siu booking their flights right now...
  • @mofo Fala was at TVB for years and was already an established leading actress prior to her departure for acting school then to Hollywood. During her 3 years at Juliard, she was able to establish many networks and connections within the industry and even received a graduate degree in acting. Not to mention, Fala is the exception and one of the few, if not, the only actress EVER that successfully turned to Hollywood from TVB. So let's not act like it's common for TVB actors to make way to Hollywood because it practically has never happened before. Meanwhile Jacqueline had accomplished little at TVB, acting-wise, nothing to fall back on aside from her scandal. She has little to no Hollywood connections, nor does she have any prestigious acting credentials like Fala. Most of the actors featured in Crazy Rich Asians already had a career in Hollywood or had connections with those from the same circle. Jacqueline has neither and many critics agree that her career is pretty much done as a HK film/tv actress. Maybe she can consider getting into porn.
  • this could be a blessing for her if her acting class goes well. she speaks english, young, and pretty. with crazy rich asian and fala chen on hbo, hollywood maybe looking for more asians. the west don't care about the scandal and hk is a small pond.
  • @mofo Not really but if I remember correctly, Sheren fell for Kong Wah back then who is also a married man. But he choose to stay faithful to his wife.
  • in certain angles, sheren looks a lot like jacqueline
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