• @vell you are delusional and too caught up in what you think is right. The HK protestors have taken things way out of hand. There was a new article posted on The NY Times website about how these protestors are now beating and abusing people that do not stand with them. Their actions are beyond words. At the rate they are going I won’t be surprised that some innocent person might lose their life at the hands of these protestors. When that happens your protestors will be murderers, good luck sleeping well then.
  • @kikilala totally agree! Not for nothing, I think the HK people are just sour cause China has become so strong over the past decade and they don't need to depend on HK for its foreign investments. Back in the 90s if a foreign company wants to get into the Chinese market they would go through HK, but now they would go through Beijing or Shanghai.
  • These protestors are getting out of hand now. Everyday you hear new about how bad the Chinese government and the Hong Kong police is but no one talks about the violence that the protestors do. I'm glad this article came to light and finally shows that these protestors are not all angels either. There's actually a lot of news out there about how they vandalize public places and use violence against pedestrians or anyone that does not agree with their view. Hong Kong is way out of hand at this point, it no longer safe to be there. No matter how this ends, HK will never be the same.
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