• @anon There’s been countless Chinese actresses that have starred in Hollywood films? Countless? WHAT A JOKE! how many? 1 million? or 100 million? How many of these so called 'china mainland stars' have ever appears in more than 8 Hollywood movies? The main reason Hollywood get 1 or 2 china star to act in their movie is to simply to get into china market, nothing more than that. Don't tell me those china stars are selected due to their acting skill? LMAO. None of those China stars come close to Maggie Cheung or those old 80's HK stars when come to acting skill and none can come close to Taiwan singers when come to singing skill. Wake up dude, this is hard reality,money can never promote one talent. Unless they act in Hollywood movies or join South Korea group, those china stars can forget about being true international star, the most, they are only well known in China, HK, or maybe Taiwan. LOL Not happy? Name 1 or 2 homegrown China mainland singers whose popularity can surpass Jay Chou or Jolin Tsai, Don't have to think hard, None. haha
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