• @annebee I first watched Hans Zhang in "Here to Heart" and I loved him so much with Janine Chang. They look so cute and romantic together. I wish Hans and Janine would be a couple in real life.
  • @mysterym2m Yes Jackie Chan and Anthony Wong also cheated on their wives. But despite Anthony's mistake, at least he seems to be a responsible father and provided financially for his son and ex-girlfriend.
  • @jayne You forgot the most outstanding celebrities. Jackie Chan and his wife.(He cheated with Ellen Ng) Anthony Wong and his wife. He has a son from another woman.
  • @mysterym2m Whatever article you read is wrong. First, John Chiang and David Chiang are the same person. 姜大衛‘s English name is John but because his Chinese name sounds like David, many people mistook that for his English name. John has said in interviews that he went along with it in the past because too many people would get it wrong and he was tired of correcting them, but nowadays, if anyone calls him David instead of John, he will refuse to answer. Paul and John definitely were born to the same parents and so are real brothers...this has been a known fact for decades. Derek is the half-brother from their mother Hong Mei’s remarriage to Yee Kwong. Btw, when she remarried, Paul and John were already in their teens, so for Derek, the 2 of them were not just his half-brothers, they also helped take care of him so they were like a father figure to him (especially Paul, since he’s older).
  • @mysterym2m John Chiang and David Chiang is same person.
  • In earlier articles that I read few years back, it wrote that David Chiang and John Chiang are real brothers and Paul Chun is their half brother. From various pictures, Paul looks different from John and David.
  • @mysterym2m I just pay attention to the Chinese name since that is more important. English names are not official or are as important.
  • This article mentions Steven's Chinese name as 馬金衛. It is wrong. Please check the article before you post.
  • Can the writer of this article be more precise on who he is writing about? It says Derek Chang in the headline but down below the article, it says Daniel. So is it Derek or Daniel?
  • Reading this interview of Felix and his wife just reminded me of my parents when my mother was also going through cancer treatment few years ago. The shock we got when the doctor announced that it was cancer. My father held on and was always in good spirit in front of my mother. This was to encourage her to pull through. But my father cried only in front of his mother. As for my mother, she was depressed and would cry all the time. And with all this, our family finally overcame this situation. My mother is fine today but, of course, she is living with the side effects today. Through all this, my father was really amazing. He would make soup every morning to take for my mother at the hospital. I just saw how much my father loved and cared for my mother even though they quarrelled many times in life. Leung Kit Wah is really lucky to have Felix as her husband. I hope his family of three stays together always with love and understanding.
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    “Tomorrow is Another Day” was a good series.I liked 2 couples – Lawrence with Kate and Kenny with Tracy. Kenny looked so funny and romantic with Tracy. I wish there were more romantic scenes between Kenny and Tracy. I’ve never seen Kenny in romantic roles. As for Lawrence, I loved him very much. He was so caring, protective, romantic and…[Read more]

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