• @shimmerstars Same with Andy (and Miriam Yeung), reporters dug up Leon’s marriage certificate and published it in the papers. If I remember correctly, I don’t think he even responded to it let alone announce that he did marry. Therefore, can’t really accuse him of wanting people to know unlike someone who said they wanted to be low-profile yet released the wedding venue location and photos throughout the day. Anyway, I don't understand what would be the problem even if Leon did make an announcement about his marriage. It was public knowledge that he and Gaile were dating, he never made a real effort to hide her away for years while denying her existence nor made false promises that he would let everyone know if he were to get married.
  • I guess the show wants a hot talking point. Shu Qi was subtly mentioned in the other show that Jin Xing hosts when they played charades but Leon avoided it by getting someone else to act out the clue lol.
  • @nigel Oh I thought you were going to reveal something I haven't known about all these years thus why this rumour has continued for so long and everyone seems to believe it. I don't really follow celebrity news and my memory's not great but I vaguely remember this egging & bullying happened when rumours started in the late 90s that they were dating and reports carried on until tabloids wrote a story about him committing suicide over her. This forced him to face the media to show he was fine and it was then that he confirmed SQ was just a friend, shooting down all past rumours. I see the date on the article has now been changed to early 2000 (which is no more believable than 2005). The media always claim that they dated for 7 years (N.B. there's not been one single photo of them together in all those years). In 2007, he and Gaile were half-way to getting married.
  • @nigel Nope never heard of it. Did he clearly say that they dated in this?
  • I can't read chinese that well but unless I missed something, in the original article, Stephen does not mention anything about Shu Qi dating Leon. Don't understand why the translator had to add this and continue this rumour that has never been proven (also, he started dating his ex-wife in 2005). Anyway, I'm very happy for the couple and it's obvious that they will last forever.
  • @kiki Fakeness works for their fans and most regular people who just have a passing interest in entertainment news. I've come across a lot of comments from people who are so obviously sucked in by what the media report but it's easier to just laugh them off. No point in stressing over something that they've been fooled by for years or crazy fans who won't accept anyone else's opinions.
  • @kiki Oh I realised you're not a fan that's why it was so refreshing to read! You can probably work out I don't often see comments from people who share your opinions about him lol. Yeah I love it when he gives sassy replies to reporters! Just makes me laugh because you never see them coming and that he has the guts to say how he really feels if he thinks an inappropriate question is being asked in a business where everyone is so obsessed and worried about image/media portrayal. Quoting one of his golden phrases, "Just do your best, don't worry about others. No matter whether you're a good person or a bad person, there will always be someone who thinks you're despicable". He's had a Weibo account for years but mostly uses it to promote his upcoming projects and tell followers to wear more clothes/take an umbrella if he hears the weather's going to get really cold or heavy rain is on the way lol. I think he opened an FB page to promote his upcoming concert. It's not like your average celebrity page with photos everywhere, he still keeps his private life private. It's been a pleasant surprise to people who've portrayed him as a serious/emotionless guy!
  • @kiki Wow I'm really glad that someone sees him like this lol! I think he has always been very honest but unfortunately it doesn't always come across very well in print. Some people will admire him for his frankness and not being afraid of upsetting the media nor let them control him but then people who don't like him already will continue doing so! I've always thought the media are very manipulative but last year it became more apparent when I watched the TV reports then videos from a fan who recorded all of the press conferences he attended. These things can be up to half an hour but most of the 1-2 minute China reports focused hugely on whenever he was being a bit blunt and made such a big deal out of it. In a couple of the HK ones, they included the part directly afterwards where he apologised for being straightforward and that it's just his character then thanked everyone for all the effort they put in. In the videos, you can see he looks out for everyone, is a bit cheeky/playful towards the host (but this can be hard to tell because he always looks so serious lol) and hear the audience burst out laughing. I was a bit shocked to see the huge difference editing can do. I guess it's the same for any celebrity but when it happens to someone you have followed for years and are familiar with their kind of humour and that they are very humble, generous and have never spoken badly about anyone then the negative reports can really frustrate you. Sorry I'll stop now, I've gone on for far too long! BTW, he opened a Facebook (LLLeonLai) account recently; it's utterly random, unexpected, funny, creative and not a selfie in sight!
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