• TVB is a goner! Even my parents don't watch TVB now!
  • She can't act is nothing new and she's literally a drama / movie poison! Just stick to variety show.
  • @niq8803 never thought the day would come when I would defend angelababy but, here I am. What is wrong with her saying she was on her period?. Yes, dhe probably should've stayed at home, but it might be penalty for her depending on how her contract is set up. Maybe it was o knock ay with the producers for her to give a little effort rather than nothing at all. You know, @m0m0 made some valid points in her comments. I still can't believe that chinese are still stuck in the dark ages, living in some delusional fantasy world. Women have their period, and it is not something they should be ashamed of. It is what makes them unique and it is part of the reproductive system. Although the cramps, nausea, bloating, headaches, and mood swings can be quite uncomfortable, women are wonderful, and having their monthly flow is a very important part of womanhood. I would rather listen to women talk about their period than listen to something about Jackie Chan or the Kardashians, or Grace talking about Kevin. I knew this subject matter was going to bring out the backward masses, and the backlash volume was going to be high for Angelababy. No wonder the Asian celebs who are gay live a lie. No wonder the ones with mental problems don't want anyone to know. It's such a shame
  • I never heard Song Ji-hyo complained about her menstrual or anything in Running Man! Angelababy lacks the acting skill and now she doesn't even show the professionalism needed in a variety show! She should just accept the criticism and not tell the whole world that she is having her period during the filming to gain some sympathy point (which backfired now).
  • This drama gains 1.5 stars in Douban (Chinese version of Rotten Tomatoes). 67.7% audience gave 1 star ratings criticizing the lousy plot and both lead's acting.
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