• I seriously doubt she completed MBA or any masters program. And if she had completed her 1st degree, that would be in her bio? It is pretty weird she has kept that info so quiet? Just wondering why her academic experience dont make sense
  • Strange that her 1st degree was not mentioned? She obviously didn't complete her MBA or that would be mentioned? Same year she entered Miss HK contest, she was "attending UBC" for her MBA. Nice CV fluffing!! No matter what she does now...this will follow her for some time.
  • Old chinese saying "1 time unfaithful/disloyal, 100 times not to be trusted" If he don't learn this lesson, he well and truly deserves her. And her supreme BS to say Andy promised to leave his wife which was why she conducted the affair? Well. Then why was she still with Ken then? As a standby / replacement /decoy? If someone treats him like that and he still wants to hang out with her? What can anyone say to such a fool like that?
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