• @wm2017 I don't understand why you guys are pining the blame on Jacqueline Wong. She is not the one committed to long time of marriage. Andy Hui is and yet he is the one who got off easy. He broke his marriage vows and just pin it on a drunken stupor. Come on! We are not 3 years old. From the video we all can see he is not really drunk. The one you should be bitching about is the men who is MARRIED. It actually takes 2 person to cheat tyvm. Asian culture always lets the cheating male off so easily.
  • @offkilter I think in JW's disfavour is that it was pre-meditated. She worked out with Sammi, laughed and played ... but yet she was conniving to get closer and closer to her husband. Yes Andy's equally at fault ... but the planning on JW's part makes it look double-worse.
  • @nigel Yea Asian society has always been having a double standard for men and women. Men are easily forgiven and any bad deeds they do will be dismissed as "boys will be boys" and in this case "men will be men". It is so insulting to the real good faithful men. To me Andy Hui is as good as gone.
  • @passingby2 So freaking true. There are rumors that Andy Hui has been cheating for quite awhile. The only differences is he got caught this time.
  • FFs suddenly the negative articles for wong just came out all at once... Quite evident it's Andy Hui's manager who did this. It's like pushing the girl out on the line while Andy Hui hides like a coward after the press conference waiting for all these to die down. Remember it is Andy Hui who made a marriage promise to his wife, a vow and yet the media lets him off just like that. I look down on Hui with disparage.
  • @lam86 Better improvement like production quality, fresh ideas and dare to break the mold. If you were a fan of TVB you will know there is no such thing as godlike acting or godlike theme song with TVB anymore. It has been this way for more than a decade. All the so-called veterans of "godlike" actors/actress has all either left TVB or signed on just for the per show contract. I think you yourself also know TVB will just continue to be the same, throwing actors/actress from beauty pageants and acting class and hoping that it will fare well for them. Essentially they're just treating HK drama shows as a reality acting class. Yes TVB can improve. Just look at HKTV. The only few HK drama it produced are all better than TVB's drama in terms of production value and storyboard. Even my mother said that TVB drama is getting from bad to worse and she's an avid fan, well was an avid fan. Thanks to TVB for pushing my mother to watching Korean dramas instead.
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