• @pengolinux You bring up a good point actually. I remember awhile back ago reading an interview that a reporter who used to work for one of HK’s notorious gossip rags did in which he spilled the beans on how the process works. One of the things he said is that the reporters (and the media outlets they work for) all have lists of artists whom they like or dislike to varying degrees...if an artist is unlucky enough to get on their s-*!t list, watch out because those outlets will relentlessly go after them more than others, even to the point of destroying their careers in some cases. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacqueline was on such a list (artists who almost always have negative press about them usually are on the list). This is why veteran artists always warn younger artists new to the industry to be aware of how they interact with the media, since they have the power to make or break their careers. It’s a love-hate relationship for sure and the key is finding the right balance...it’s a skill that very few people in the industry understand well enough to be able to master...
  • @littlefish And as for the netizens, they even go so far as to check which celebrity likes the apology post by JW, go to that celebrity's IG and scold him/her. Perhaps this is even more ugly than the whole incident.
  • @littlefish It seems as the situation develops, many media is putting all blame on JW, I wonder JW was never liked by many reporters, especially when you look at her past stories with other male actors as depicted by those media (and IMO most of them looked very untrue). And there are 2 issues that make me wonder even more: Firstly, when JW was participating in the beauty contest, one blogger wrote "she must be the only one out of the 10 contestants not having a chance to win", and secondly, I read from a magazine years after the contest, that during the contest a reporter said from the audience area that "how can a girl with such face be in the final 3", while JW's father was right in the next row. I know beauty is subjective, but I think JW was not popular since Day 1 by a lot of the media. But a newcomer (at that time) receiving such criticism by the media seem a bit strange to me!
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