• @funnlim I agree with you that we need PART 3 for TEM. And I want more. The universe of spirits and demons and genies is limitless and I want to see more of Siu Ma encountering and exorcising demons. I cried when LoiSee died to protect Ho Jai. I cried harder between Ho Jai-Siu Ma- Ching Ching at the reservoir at the last episode. I love this series because I love the family bonding, even though there are some parts I disliked. I felt the part of BearBear was dragged a little too long (could have been 2 episodes shorter and given those to more of Thalassa as you said). And can we please stop glorifying the perversion of Siu Ma (with Etsuko) and the FungSi Yeh craving for underpants? One scene or two is more than enough to tell us that men are perverted... anything more than that is starting to get distasteful. Oh one more thing, I realized sometimes LoiSee, Ross and ching Ching didn't need to wear the special glasses to see the spirits in many scenes? Did anyone notice that as well? And yes, bring BILLY back. I love his humor! And please give a closure to what happened to LoiSee's soul and Mephi. I felt that was hanging!
  • @funnlim Are you talking about Hugo Wong as Michael who works a lot with Louisa Mak in the solicitor firm? I am just at Episode 19. So I still need to catch up a few more episodes before I can judge on this series.
  • Tavia and Niki were very elegant and definitely the best dressed among the crazy wardrobe by the current artistes. I mean seriously -- Nancy? Really looks like Christmas Tree! And Kenneth Ma looked like Count Dracula! LOL! And what's with a lot of deep plunge V trend too?
  • This TVB 50th Award thing is killing me! Best Drama - MAA - I have no objections because I actually love the drama and it's my first time in 8 years completing a 50-episode series without fast forwarding. Although I personally would have preferred Legal Mavericks. Best Actor - YES!! Vincent for sure!! His performance was outstanding in LM. Best Actress - Natalie deserves recognition but not BA material. Her performance in MUL may be best as fave character "Cherry" but I don't think it's BA worthy. I personally think Jessica from MUL or Kristal from DN was a better actress. Male Character - Oh yes! I will choose Ma Kwai for sure! His role was written so good and heartwarming definitely! So kudos to Kenneth for this! Female Character - I have no objections to Sisley's character as Dino in LM. But I think it's a far stretch for sure to award most favorite female character. Poor girl will be getting a lot of bashing now and she has not updated her IG yet. Sisley should be recognized, don't get me wrong, but not fave character. I think Most Improved will be a good start for Sisley. Hate that TVB pulled her out of the nomination and had Jacqueline instead. :( I personally would have preferred PARIS (Ali) to win the most fave character award. Best S Actor - no objections but i preferred Jimmy Au or the chubby guy in TEM. Best S Actress - I AM SHOCKED to the utter beyond belief that Rebecca won. WHY HER? Seriously why her? How in the world did she beat Mandy Lam, Elaine Yiu and Tracy Chu? There is no way she can beat the ones in the nominated list. It's so rigged. It's so unbelievable. Rebecca's role in GSE was not even memorable enough. Even if Moon Lau winning BSA as Bear Bear, I wouldn't be mad... but Rebecca? Ugh! MI Male - Matt Yeung . Long overdue for sure. MI Female - Mayanne is definitely good in hosting. Might be chosen to succeed Dodo in future. As mentioned previously, Sisley should be nominated in this category and bag the MI award because she really improved leaps and bounds in 2017. Not sure what TVB is thinking ... but here we go...what is done is done. We can only protest this much!
  • My Pick: Best Actor: Vincent Wong/Kenneth Ma Best Actress: Jessica Hsuan/Kristal Tin Best Supporting Actor: Joel Chan Best Supporting Actress: Elaine Yiu/Grace Wong
  • @melia880 Agreed! I used to cringe at every Sisley's performance when she first started. But this year (2017) I have not much complains as she is definitely improving by large. I like her a lot in Legal Mavericks!
  • @melia880 yeah i have no idea how Jacq won in SG. A lot of SG ppl were wondering honestly. I definitely prefer Wong Hoi Ching over Mani for sure even if it's BSA category!
  • MY TOP 3 for each category out of the nomination list: Best Actor: Vincent Wong (LM) Michael Miu (LW2) Kenneth Ma (TEM) Best Actress: Jessica Hsuan (MUL) Kristal Tin (DN) Ali Lee (MAA) Best Supporting Actor: Owen Cheung (LM) Joel Chan (TUA) Ram Chiang (TEM) Best Supporting Actress: Elaine Yiu (TUA) Grace Wong (GSE) and maybe either Samantha Ko (MUL) or Sharon Chan (HAG) -- cant decide on the 3rd much. Oh well I am still shocked at Jacq Wong being nominated for BA category. I just can't digest this fact. Oh well.
  • @melia880 I am wondering the same thing!~ How on earth did Jacq Wong get BA nom? It should be BSA for her! Ali was co-leading too. Ugh TVB is blind sometimes. And I am surprised Grace Wong didn't get nominated for "Wong Hoi Ching" in Mind Hunter? But I guess she got the BSA nomination for "Tai Zhi Fei" for General Scholar Eunuch.
  • @melia880 agree to every word you just said. I am definitely leaning towards more towards Vincent for his performance in Legal Mavericks.
  • @jimmyszeto @elaiyio Totally agree. I am a fan of Ruco but I support Vincent all the way for Best Actor. He convinced me through and through for his role in Legal Mavericks. Ruco disappointed me this year in TUA - i am sure mostly is due to poor character development or he is just given a non challenging role. Cmon TVB, give Ruco something good like The Other Truth or Brother's Keeper or Ruse of Engagement.
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  • @melia880 I agree with you that Ruco isn't given a character to shine much in TUA. I don't like him being typecast this way too. I still think the most memorable roles of Ruco to me will be Keith Lau (The Other Truth) and Kiu Tin Sang (Brother's Keeper). 11th Prince (COD) was decent, but being paired with Grace Chan was such a waste.
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