• @littlefish The article is misleading, taking bits and pieces of the truth to fabricate a bigger and unnecessary story. Forbes didn't even take into consideration of detective chinatown 2. So LHR made it into Forbes list with just NiF2, legend of the demon cat etc alone. LHR's hype was actually huge during DC2. However, he ended up staying low out of the limelight during that time and didn't ride on the popularity wave. He attended uni classes and was filming. When he was hot after Beijing Love Story, instead of hitting it off when he was in the hype, he took a year off to attend his 1st year of uni. That is why you think he is not making any noise. When there is too much noise, he tends to be out of the public eye until it dies down. NEF didn't even really market itself. Most production team would pay for trending search to market the drama but the fans were the one who put it on trending before it airs. All the costume dramas were also announcing airing date 1 day before to create less commotion in fear of their dramas getting taken down. Even when it aired, the team quietly announced it within the day of airing in fear of it getting taken down again by SAFT. While the script made book fans angry, critics praised LHR for his performance. The fact that he got to work with some of the biggest A list names in the industry on that one project alone will allow him to learn a lot of things and garner a lot of connections. He even said himself that he thinks he have experienced all the hurdles that an actor will go through in their career in that 9 months that he filmed NEF alone. He definitely got more out of NEF than lost. Even now, he is one of the rare post 95'ers that get to work on larger scale projects and big directors. It's even rare to star in a chen kaige film once for any actor, and his going to star in a chen kaige film 3 times after 2020 ends. Chen Kaige is also known to be praised by A listed actors for been great at getting the most out of actors and expanding their acting growth so this is a great opportunity for LHR. The anthology film that Chen Kaige is in charge of leading a few other directors to film for the government is basically a film that most of China will need to watch (and LHR is starring in it for Chen Kaige's segment). This is a huge (and scary) opportunity for LHR because basically the whole industry will now get exposed to his performance. By November 2018, he was the 14th celebrity to be on all the big 5 magazine covers in China and he was the first under 25 to do so. His name is listed among big names like Hu Ge and Zhou Xun in magazine accomplishments. His made all this accomplishment before he even turned 21 at the time with just a handful of work on his resume. And let's not forget that his barely 22 right now and his already accomplished so much more. All this is not just purely out of luck (luck plays an important part in this industry. But it is what you do with it that also matters). LHR is a hard worker and he have a grounded way of thinking while still maintaining the fresh air of a newcomer and all directors and people who worked with him have praised him for it. He made effort to put himself out there, made connections and get to know the industry better. Most of these projects (NiF2, NEF etc) had little to do with his boss's influence and more to do with LHR's own efforts and his own self branding. Despite how well a project does, I think Haoran gained more from these big productions than lose. I think haoran's reach and hype in the industry is loud and clear with his future projects lined up and luxury branding endorsements (LV, Tod's, tiffany and co, tom ford). And his only just started. So yea, I don't think sophiekin is been butt hurt because this is just a matter of fact that LHR is doing better than most young actors and getting a lot of 'luck' in getting selected for projects
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