• @plaru i just saw her recently in 3L3W's movie. Nope, she's still emotionally detached. That role gave room for showcasing emotions, but she still didn't manage to evoke any feelings in me. She's too bland.
  • I think CGI looks good to me but I just can't stop being bothered by, would computerized character be able to show the same expression as real human?
  • Baby Zhang is very pretty. It's quite sad, I think people find her waist big or fat so she didn't get that many opportunities. Her singing is decent too, and I also like her acting. I like both her looks and talents. LYF, I only watched her two dramas ROCH and Chinese Paladin and I say her acting is very good. Movie wise, I don't like any. But I wouldn't say it is her acting though, the stories in those movies were just always too slow. Slow to the point where when I see her face in a movie, my first thinking is "this movie is going to be slow one" So, I think I understand why people find her acting bad. Part of it is also because she tends to play those repeatable characters so many times too: from Chinese Ghost Story to White Vengeance, then The Four, and another The Four II, then Love or Money, etc. They are pretty much all the roles of a very mature, quiet, and pretty lady. But most importantly is actually that the stories always so slow and not fast paced. I can really care less if anybody just want to choose the same character over and over, but the story must be interesting though. She just need better movies.
  • @plaru I'm an equal opportunist hater. I say the same stuff about the actress regardless if she's had plastic or not, based off her talent and works. Her looks aren't the main concern here. It's because of her expressions (or lack there of) that ppl don't like her. Angelababy has the same reputation around here as LYF.
  • @sugarcane She is beautiful, look at the picture above, it looks like very little to no makeup and... sure she looks cold and aloof but overall she is still pretty. There are way way worse actresses than her and are even more popular because they are plastic everywhere. Take out their milky white skin and will they look good with the yellow asian skin like above? At least LYF is natural. At least she also did not go slice her chin sharp, and go stretch her eyes to the size of exceedingly gigantic huge ridiculous anime eyes right?
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