• @pochacco9 Marcus Kwok (Chinese name 郭田葰)...he was an ER doctor in Australia where he lived until he returned to HK in 2009. He participated in the Mr. HK pageant that year and became a TVB artist afterward....to date, he continues to play minor roles in TVB’s series and most of them are of course doctor roles. @funnlim LOL...that’s nothing new with TVB though (having an artists play their same professions from real life). They used to always have former cops also play cops in their series (i.e.: Nick Cheung, Bowie Lam, Dominic Lam, Philip Chan, etc), though the difference then was that the roles weren’t usually minor ones, unlike Marcus whose doctor roles were all essentially kelefe roles...
  • @funnlim Can you tell me who you’re referring to? I would like to know which Tvb doctor is a doctor in real life. Thanks!
  • Yah, I agree.. she was a little much.. I also liked her dad’s little man role. Lol
  • Hi! I’m knew around here, but the thread encouraged me to post something. I love, love, love The Season and the When the Sun Shines.. Although, I enjoyed watching all the other ones such as Family Squad and Kindred Spirit, As my mom would say you can never get bored from watching “Qua Jeet” or “Mah-Da.” When I was growing up and I’d would watch them over and over again, too! Nice to hear that I wasn’t the only one! My mom and auntie (Cow Mo) used to complain about waving the same VHS! Lol.. those days were the BEST! Anyone remember “My Son In-Law” starring Dicky Cheung and Sean Lau? That was also one of my all time favorites!! They broadcasted a number of those shows on the Jade channel (262) way back like 7-9 years ago, but haven’t really seen those since.. I’ve been yearning to watch The Seasons! Each and every one of those characters and scenes were SO memorable.. I still think about the scenes from time to time.. I was so hooked back then that i feel like they are part of my family or that I was part of their’s..
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